Neighborhood Watch Works : neighbor looking after neighbor.

The Benefits Of Neighborhood Watch.

Your local neighborhood watch – neighbor looking after neighbor.

doubt about it. Possibly your very best weapon in your arsenal against
becoming a victim of crime, especially crime against your home, is your
participation in your local neighborhood or block watch.

Surveillance cameras, good locks, strong doors and security gates are of
crucial importance, but the most effective thing you can do to beat the
burglar is to join your local community watch – the eyes and ears.

Almost certainly there will be a group covering your area, if not,
start one. Don’t wait for someone else to take the initiative, it’s too
important for that, you do it.

It may be obvious that there is a
watch covering your block, or area, by the presence of neighborhood
watch signs, stickers or posters. If you don’t see posters there may be a
local group anyway.

Ask your neighbor, if that neighbor doesn’t know
ask another, maybe a neighbor you haven’t spoken with before.

Starting a neighborhood watch group.

Inquire at your local police station. They will be able to give you
details and let you know who to contact. They will also give you full
details about starting a group should your area not have one.

Your local
law enforcement may also be able to offer help in organizing and
training, give advice on home security, the best way to report
suspicious behavior and prevent crime.

Organize an introductory
meeting to establish interest. Invite everyone that you know and
encourage them to also invite neighbors along.

If at all possible,
invite someone from an area that does have a block or neighborhood watch
to give a short talk about how his, or her, group has been able to
reduce crime. Discuss what has been happening locally, can you identify
particular crime issues?

Ask for volunteers for specific tasks such as organizing, report
writing, recruiting, distributing flyers, a secretary, a treasurer etc.

burglar outside home
Your neighborhood group can mean eyes watching your home even when you are away.
neighborhood watch
Your neighborhood group can mean eyes watching your home even when you are away.

Find out which members are willing to offer use of their homes for
meetings and work out a schedule. Find out which members have special
skills that can be of use to the group.

Allow everyone an opportunity to
say a little bit about themselves, their experiences, how they feel
about the community and any expectations and ideas they have for the
neighborhood watch.

Discuss whether a neighborhood patrol is needed and seek the approval and input of your local law enforcement.

other groups that have an interest in the area on board, local
businesses, clergy, youth leaders, local officials, schools, rotary
clubs etc. There is a ton of help out there, use it.

George and Mary feel safe and secure.

Retirees George and Mary had very recently moved into the rural town,
having sold up in the city. They had left behind a reasonably spacious
four bedroom house which had become too large for their needs now that
their two daughters were living independent lives of their own.

loved their choice of country home and the town seemed to meet all
their requirements. They did not know a soul in the area but as they
were a “keep ourselves to ourselves couple,” they did not overly worry
about that.

George and Mary had noticed the neighborhood watch
signs when they had viewed the property. And now that they had moved in
they saw that the signs were all over the town.

Mary made a mental note
to inquire about joining the watch.

They had always thought of
themselves as being a security conscious couple, but Mary could see that
neighbor looking after neighbor could not be a bad thing. Not that she
thought that crime in the small, smart town would be worse than the city
they left behind, but neither she nor George were getting younger and
having folks looking out for them would be comforting.

But who to ask
about neighborhood watch?

Mary need not have worried on that
score. A few days after taking up residence they received a visit from
Diane, a close neighbor and a member of the watch.

Diane explained a
little of how the neighborhood group functioned, the success the group
had enjoyed in tackling vandalism, graffiti and a spate of thefts from
garages, and invited the pair along to the next meeting which was
scheduled for that Friday.

Diane offered to call on George and
Mary and walk with them along to the school hall where the meeting was
being held. They thanked her but said they would make their own way, the
hall being only a few blocks along. Diane was there to meet them anyway
and introduced them to several members who made the couple feel most

Soon it was time for attendees to take their seats
and the meeting began. Someone reported on the progress the watch had
made since the last meeting, including the success the neighborhood
group had achieved in getting street lighting improved in a particular

Next up was a speaker who gave a talk about distraction
. George listened intently. He had always been very careful when
opening the door to unknown callers, and was forever urging Mary to
exercise the same caution, but that night he learned more than he
thought he could possibly know about the dangers.

He made himself the
promise that from now on the couple would never open the door
when they had unknown callers.

After input from a few other
speakers the neighborhood watch meeting came to a close, after which
there was some time for social interaction.

George and Mary didn’t need
to discuss the issue amongst themselves. They singed up to join the
watch there and then.

Within a few short months the couple were certain
that becoming part of the eyes and ears was one of the best decisions
they had ever taken. They felt more secure and safe in their new home
and town than they had ever felt in any of their previous residences and
became very enthusiastic and active in their membership of the
neighborhood watch.

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