Family Security : Planning your family’s security.

Family Security.

Don’t Leave the Welfare of Your Family to Chance, Devise a Family Security Plan.

most things in life it pays to have a plan and that goes for planning the security of your family too.

Members of a family are individuals but the family needs
to agree to a coordinated plan for effective home and personal security

When was the last time that you sat down with your
family and discussed how you all would expect each other to react should
a home security issue arise?

Does everyone know what to do should your
home security alarm go off?

How about your children, are they fully aware of what is expected of them in such circumstances?

Do you and your spouse agree on the best course of action in the event of Home Invasion?

An unpleasant subject to think about but your family should know what to do, and what not to do, should it happen.

Far too many households do not have a security plan and have never talked through what to do if certain incidents happen.

A Security Plan Should Include All The Family.

The older members of the household must definitely be included in security discussions.



The safety and security of loved ones has been a
concern through the ages. Today more than ever, All members of your
family need to be involved in planning security.

Sure good old dad taught you more than a thing or two about staying
safe and secure, but time moves on and some of today’s problems may not
have been an issue in dad’s time.

Are mom and dad fully conversant with how to set the home security system? Are they clued up on the issue of identity theft?

there is every chance that mom or dad will contribute some family
security ideas and tips that you did not even think of.

too must be included. Do they fully understand the family’s policy on
not opening the door to strangers? Are they permitted to answer the
telephone, if so do they understand about not disclosing information
about the family’s habits?

How safe are they online, would they
recognize and correctly deal with a Phishing attack? Discussion is a
two-way thing, and often youngsters are able to teach us a lesson or two
especially when it comes to technology.

How about your
trusted neighbors?
Are they aware of what they should do if your home
security alarm should sound? What would you want them to do should they
observe a stranger lurking around your home?

Being a member of
neighborhood watch means the whole neighborhood looking out for your
family’s security and safety.

Family Security Outside The Home.

safety issues do not stop when a member of the family leaves the home.

Does everyone know to avoid situations outside of the home where they
would be at increased risk of being robbed or assaulted?

When a member of your family goes on a date, or to a meeting, do they ensure that at least one other person knows where they are going and who they are meeting? How does your family react to Suspicious Persons?

Do all members of your family avoid situations outside of the home where they would be at increased risk of being robbed or assaulted?

What is the family’s policy on Vehicle Security?
How about their personal security and safety while using a vehicle?

all drivers in your family selective in where they park, do they take basic Parking Lot precautions and are they always aware of what is happening around them?

Make sure that everyone understands the “what, why, when, where, who and how” of family security.

You’ve Got Your Family Security Plan, What Now?

your family has gathered together and devised a plan. You have all
learned from each other and now have a clearer picture of how each one of
you is expected to act in the event of an emergency.

Job done for
all time? No, get together every so often, talk about any developments.
Have any problems with your family’s plan come to light? Has anyone learned any security lessons?

Nothing is more precious to you than your family. Don’t leave their welfare to chance, devise a family security plan.

Family Security.

Family Watch Dog.
A good family watch dog need not be a large fearsome dog. Medium and
small dogs are very capable of being trained to warn of approaching
strangers, and warn away intruders.