Window Security Locks : Keep that burglar out.

Window Security Locks.

There is no doubt that window security locks play a vital part in the defense of your home against intruders.

Glass can be broken of course, but most burglars don’t want to do that – the sound of breaking glass draws unwanted attention. Also, breaking a window involves risking cuts and the intruder knows that DNA testing can identify him as the perpetrator.

Many burglaries involve the thief gaining entry through the window,
some sources estimate as high as thirty percent.

Amazingly, this is often
through a window that has been left open or unsecured.

Most older windows do not have window security locks,
often they do not have locks at all but are fitted with catches, or
latches, which offer little protection against even the most amateur of

As with most other types of security, locks for windows offer the most protection when they are a visible

Locks that can easily be seen from the outside may make some
housebreakers think twice about trying to gain entry through the

A lock that cannot be seen may cause the thief to severely damage the window before realizing that he can’t get in.

Take a good look at all of your windows, try and think like a burglar.

Are all of your windows secure?

Don’t neglect windows that are above ground level, could they be
reached by climbing onto the roof of your garage or by using a ladder
carelessly left in a neighbor’s garden?

Do they have poor locks, or
flimsy catches, would they be improved by fitting window security locks?

Are the windows themselves in good condition or are they weak through age, or beginning to rot? Are the hinges beginning to rust?

Small windows such as skylights or fanlights should not escape your

Intruders do not need very large openings to crawl through
and it has been known for them to use young children as accomplices, and
send them through the window.

Think about iron grilles for windows that are particularly

These security grilles are available with decorative
styling, although if the window is say, at the back of the house and not
overlooked by neighbors or passers by (in others words, ideal for the
burglar) the spoiling of the look of your property is not so much of a

Be aware of the need for escape routes in the case of fire. Any security grilles that you fit may have to comply with local fire code requirements and be designed for inside release.

Window Security Locks for All Types of Window.

The central catches that are found on older wooden sash windows
are not in any way secure. Locking versions of these catches, often
described as sash window security locks, are available.