Alarm Screens : Keep bugs and burglars out.

Alarm Screens : Keep Bugs And Burglars Out.

Windows Open or Closed, Alarm Screens Give You Protection.

If you want the choice of leaving your windows open for ventilation, and yet still want your windows to be protected, alarm screens may be just the ticket for you.

mesh screens are a grid of interwoven detection wires that not only
keep bugs out but also set off your alarm system should a potential
intruder tamper with them.

Many homeowners consider home security window screens to be a better-looking alternative to window bars.

addition to your alarm being set off should a burglar attempt to cut
the detection wires, there is also a detector switch between the edge of
the mesh screen and the window frame.

This causes your alarm to sound
if the burglar tries to remove the screen.

A big plus with alarm screens protecting your windows is that, unlike interior motion detectors, your alarm or siren sounds before the intruder is even on the inside of your home.

Also there is little chance that your pets could accidentally set off the alarm as does sometimes happen with detectors.

Alarm Security Screens over your windows can give you both ventilation and security.
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Alarm Security Screens over your windows can give you both ventilation and security.

These security screens are simple to connect into your existing home
security system or into a brand new system, and work equally well with a
wire-free or hardwired system.

Your burglar window screens can be part
of a monitored system that sends the status of your windows to a monitoring company.

Alarmed window screens are a normal part of a window, they do not stop
you moving about within your home if the system is activated.

The screens operate the same whether your windows are closed or open,
you can have a refreshing flow of air right through your home and still
feel refreshingly secure.

You may not want to leave your windows open when you leave your home empty even with the protection of alarm window screens.

Alarm Screens Available in Different Colors.

If you have suitable existing screens some security companies are
prepared to refit then with detection wires and detector switches, this
should mean a saving for you.

For new installs, screens may be available in standard sizes or may need to be custom made to ensure a proper fit.

security screens are available in different mesh and frame colors, they
are even supplied protected with ocean proof sealant for homes near the

Cleaning your home security window screens is no problem. Turn your
alarm system off, remove the screen from the window and either gently
vacuum or gently clean with warm soapy water.

It is best not to wash
them too vigorously, or with a hose, because of the electrical contacts
and switches.

Alarm window screens = ventilation and protection.

Glass Break Detectors

Trigger Your Alarm System Before the Burglar Gets Inside Your Home. As soon as a burglar smashes your window the sensor sends a signal to your alarm system.