Home Security Lighting – Deters the burglar.

Home Security Lighting : Outside Security Lights Help Keep The Burglar Away.

Home security lighting is an affordable and easily
implemented security measure that can go a long way in protecting your
home from being burglarized.

Darkness is Mr.
Burglar’s friend.

The dark shields and protects the intruder, it allows
him to conduct his dirty business unseen.

Put yourself in Mr. Burglar’s shoes for one moment. Which home would you pick?

The home that has effective outside security lighting, no dark places
in which to hide and work, with the risk of being spotted by neighbors
or passers by?

Or, the home that is bathed in shadow, with dark corners
and recesses that are perfect for concealing your activities?

Like all burglary prevention measures,  security lighting gives the most protection when used as part of an overall Home Security System and not as a stand-alone measure.

Keep in mind that many homes are burglarized during the hours of daylight
when security lighting will provide little protection, make sure that
you also defend your home using other significant security defenses.

High or Low Wattage Home Security Lights?

High powered floodlighting, such as Tungsten Halogen, gives a bright
light and can illuminate large areas. However, it is a better plan to
use several lower wattage lamps rather than one high wattage lamp for several reasons.

outside security lights
Lighting is a fairly low-tech security measure that can do a superb job of denying burglars protective cover.

 outdoor security lights
Lighting is a fairly low-tech security measure that can do a superb job of denying burglars protective cover.

If you use high wattage lamps, even though they throw a bright light, any space that they do not
cover will be lost in shadow.

With a number of smaller lamps arranged
to cover all spaces you will be better able to deny intruders dark
hiding places.

Also high-powered lamps even if just slightly
aimed off target, can greatly annoy your neighbors, something that you
don’t want to do!

Badly aimed home security lights have also been known to dazzle passing traffic with deadly consequences.

home security lighting using low wattage bulbs, will enable you to
approach your home without being blinded by glare and at the same allows
you to see if anyone is lurking where they should not be.

Home Security Lighting That is Permanently On in the Dark, or Not?

Do you want your outside security lighting permanently on in the hours
of darkness, or do you want it to come on when an intruder approaches
your home?

Lights that are rigged up using motion detectors light up when
movement is identified which can give the burglar a nasty surprise,
give him the fear of being seen and hopefully send him on his way.

Motion detectors that also sound an alarm as well as illuminate the area
are particularly effective in sending an intruder running.

advantage of motion activated security lighting is that neighbors
are more likely to take notice of your lights suddenly coming
on, and
therefore there is a good chance they will spot the burglar. Your
neighbors attention is not likely to be attracted by lights that are on

Unfortunately pets and wildlife will often trigger motion
sensors and neighbors, and others are less likely to pay attention to
lights that are frequently coming on.

Heat-sensing lights are a good alternative, these are only
triggered when heat at human body temperature is detected and not that
of any animals that are likely to be around your home.

There is a third alternative that offers the advantages of both motion detector lighting and permanently lit lamps. Hi/Lo control security lights
that are on permanently but set to twenty percent of their lamp wattage
– until they sense movement when they brighten to full power.

Time Switch or Photoelectric Cell Controlled Lights?

Should you have your outside security lights controlled by a time switch
or a photocell?

A time switch will switch on your lights at the same
time each evening and switch them off at the same time each morning, a
photocell will switch the on the show when it gets dark.

Either option is better than manual control that depends on the homeowner being at home and remembering to switch them on. Lights controlled by a timer or photocell will do their part in protecting your home even when you are away on a trip.

Remember to install your security lights high enough to be out of easy reach of intruders.