Fake TV Burglar Deterrent – Deter that burglar.

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent.

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent – Fool The Burglar.

members of your family are out for the day. You are at work, your
partner is at work, your kids are at school, or maybe someplace else.

Along comes an Opportunist Burglar. He is scoping out homes in your neighborhood.

wants a home to burgle that will give him as little trouble as possible
and one where there is nobody at home.

He slowly passes your house and
has a good look, he sees that it is not empty, someone must be in
there because there’s a light from a color television set. He rejects
your home and moves on, looking for his easy target.

But . . . nobody is in your home and there is no TV playing.

You left your home guarded by an ingenious little device, set on its own built in timer, as part of your home security set up.

device creates the illusion that someone is sitting watching

From outside the home the light from the fake tv burglar
deterrent looks exactly like the output from a tv, subtle changes,
darkening and lighting up, the flickering effect of on screen movement,
and delicate color change.

Would A Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Really Deter A Burglar?

In many cases, yes it would. Most burglars are like our low life
opportunist friend above. They are not professional criminals, they want
to break in to homes easily and steal what they can carry away.

don’t want problems, they don’t want confrontation. This type of
criminal will not want to enter a home if there is even a chance of
someone being inside.

Wouldn’t a lamp on a timer work just as well? Timer Switches
are a good home security investment and can be used to give the
illusion someone is at home. However time switches have been around for
some time now and, on their own, timers may not be enough.

Use a lamp on a timer and the fake tv burglar deterrent and you really give the impression folks are at home.

Some folks wonder why not just have your real TV on a timer.
Unfortunately modern televisions cannot be switched on by a time switch.
They require the clicking of a button, or the use of a remote control,
as well as the introduction of power.

You could go out and leave the TV
on, but that’s going to cost you quite a tidy sum at today’s electricity
prices. Plus, of course, there is the wear and tear on a television
left on.

So How Does This Anti Burglar TV Light Work?

fake tv light

Using its own computer chip the intruder deterrent controls a set of
super bright, hi-intensity LEDs to generate light of variable color,
shade and brightness that lights up your room in the same way a real
television does.

fake tv

Anyone observing your home from the outside would believe there is someone on the inside.

The device is equipped with a built in timer, select dusk plus four hours, dusk plus seven hours or continuous.

The fake tv burglar deterrent consumes fifty times less power than does a real color television, so you can deter intruders and be environmentally friendly.

Be warned. Don’t expect the device to be anything like the size of a
television, even a mini portable set.

The burglar TV light is very
small. But it does not need to be anything else, it is the light output
and how good it is at simulating the output from a television that is

Because the device does not look like a real TV, you will want to place
it somewhere that it would not be seen if a potential burglar looked
through a window.

It is unlikely a burglar would want to
venture up to the window if he thinks that someone is watching TV, but
keep it out of view just in case.

A Good Deterrent.

Would it be wise to rely on a burglar tv light as your main home

No. You do need good locks on your doors and windows and
possibly a security alarm system too. But as a means of deterring an
opportunist thief from choosing your home to break into the fake tv
burglar deterrent is a darn good idea.


Fake TV Burglar Deterrent.

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