A Key Safe : A safe place for your spare key.

Key Safe.

A Key Safe Could Be Your Answer To Lost Keys.

So who is it that loses keys in your family? There is always
someone who manages to frequently arrive home to find that they are
minus their keys and locked out.

But that’s not something that only happens to someone else, it is
something that can occasionally happen to us all, no matter how careful
we are.

Finish up at work, head home. Make the long commute only to find that you have left your keys on your desk.

Oh heck! What to do now?

Make that long trek all the way back to
your office, or stand waiting for somebody else to get home, if there
is someone coming home!

What Is A Key Safe.

These key storage boxes are designed to hold from one to five
keys, they open and lock by setting a combination code of your choosing.

Most types are securely affixed to a wall close to your front
door. When you arrive home you tap in the code, open the lockbox and
take out the key.

After opening your door you replace the key in the key storage
safe and lock it ready for use next time.

Alternatively you can use your door key in the normal way, the key
storage box containing a spare key is there for those times you have
forgotten, or lost, your house-keys.

Another type of key storage safe looks similar to a large
combination padlock. These safes do not require fixing to a wall and
simply fit over the door knob and are locked in place.

Ideal for when you need to give temporary access to for example a
plumber to carry out work in your home. You can’t be there, but you key
awaits in the safe.

When the plumber no longer needs access you
change the combination.

Key Safe Or Keyless Lock?

An alternative answer to the problem of lost keys is to fit a Keyless Door Lock.

The lock opens when you enter the correct code so no keys to lose. You
can change the combination at any time, for example if the code becomes
known to an outsider, and with some keyless locks each member of your
family can have their own code.

The cost of the average keyless lock is
however considerably more than an average key safe.

The Danger Of Hiding A Key.

So what’s wrong with hiding a spare key under a rock, under a
mat, in a hole in a tree, in a potted plant?

If all family members know
where it is, and it always gets put back after use, it’ll solve the
problem. Who needs a key safe?

Hide a key and it will get found . . . by a burglar.

know all the places keys get hidden and they have an uncanny sixth sense
for sniffing them out.

Spare Key With A Neighbor.

A trusted friend or neighbor can be an answer to the spare key

Of course the neighbor does have to be someone you can trust
with your life, or even more so with the keys to your home.

Your neighbor should, of course, keep your spare key somewhere
safe and without a label with your address on it. A label is a bad idea
in case your neighbor gets burgled.

The thief would also now have the
means to burgle your home too.

There is one big advantage that a key box has over a trusted
friend or neighbor with your spare key – the neighbor can be out just
when you need that key. The key lockbox will always be there.

Key Storage Cabinet For the Home.

Another kind of safe that is used to securely protect keys inside a building is known as a key storage cabinet.

These are commonly found at commercial premises where they are
used to keep all keys at one safe location and restrict access to
certain keys to authorized personal.

A key storage cabinet can also be put to good use in the home.

often read of burglars breaking in to a home to steal car keys. Cars
come off the production line far more effective Security Systems
than they once did. Thieves have difficulty stealing them, the easiest
thing they can do is Steal the Keys, even if that means burglarizing a
home to get them.

Keys to your garage, shed, vacation home, snowmobile etc. can
also be safely stored in a key cabinet out of the grasp of a thief, as a bonus you will always know where your keys are.

Internal key storage cabinets can also be used to securely hide
other things you would not want to go missing in the event of a

Credit cards can be safely stored as can important documents
and even small items of jewelry.

Of course a key safe or cabinet is designed to protect keys, so
there is not going to be a vast amount of spare room for protecting
other stuff.

If you have an amount of items you need to keep secure
other than keys, then it would be more practicable to consider a Home Safe.

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Key Safe.