Home Intercom System : Who is at your door?

Home Intercom System : Who Is At Your Door?

A Home Intercom System as an Aid To your Home Security?

unwelcome folks call at our homes.

They may be trying to sell us
something and we would rather not listen to their pitch, or they maybe
conducting a survey and we just don’t have the time to spare.

And sometimes those that call at our homes have much darker intentions.

They may be criminals intent on distraction burglary or home invasion.

first thing that they want you to do is open up your front door.

An intercom system can help you avoid opening your door to unwanted

A voice only intercom system allows you speech
communication with visitors.

They are inexpensive and with most models
you can expand your system to have units in several of the rooms in your

A video intercom system affords you the better protection of both seeing and hearing who is at your door.

With some systems you can release the lock and open your door by pressing a button on an internal control unit (when you
have established that whoever is calling is someone you recognize
and trust.)

these systems can control the Electronic Gate for your driveway. Many feature a lock button for continuous hands free communication.

Is a home intercom system the best thing for your home security?

No, an
intercom will aid you in deciding whether to open your door to visitors
but does not in any way give all round protection.

front door
Who is at your door?

 front door
Who is at your door?

The most important thing for the security of your home and family is
to be security minded.

Without being security minded installing any home
security measures will be of little use.

A home security system
that includes cameras, one of which is focused on your door, would be a
better option than a home intercom system.

That said, if your main concern is protecting your family from unwanted
callers an intercom/door phone can be a less costly choice.

Most systems are fairly simple to install. Some set ups require hard-wiring and these are best installed if your home is under

Many intercom/door phones however are wireless, and yet
others use your existing door chime wiring.

A Door Viewer as an Alternative?

Of course a simple door viewer (peephole) gives you the ability to see who is at your door before you make a decision to open it or not.

A residential intercom system does offer advantages over the door viewer however.

a peephole viewer you have to go to the door. If yours is a home that
receives many callers throughout the day that can be an inconvenience.

a home intercom system you can check out the caller from wherever you
are if there is a unit in the room.

To get to your door, so you can use
the door viewer, you may have to pass a window.

With an intercom/door phone you can communicate with, but remain completely out of sight of the caller.

Other Benefits of a Home Intercom.

An intercom/door phone set up gives you other benefits in addition to the safety and security of your home and family.

systems let you enjoy conference capability, you can talk to other
family members in other parts of your home without leaving the room you
are in, or use to play music all over the house.

If you have a new addition to your family your home intercom system can serve as a baby monitoring unit.

The ability to see and hear who is at your door while staying safely behind it gives you great peace of mind.


Home Intercom System

Wireless Home Security Kit

Installing a wireless home security kit is simplicity itself, you don’t have to lift flooring,
bore holes, and channel out pathways for all the cables you would need for a wired