Motion Sensor Lights – Lighting keeping you safe.

Keep Safe With Motion Sensor Lights.

Motion Sensor Lights – On When You Need Them.

Having outside security lighting that is permanently on is not a sensible option for most homes.

As well as the excessive running cost there is the nuisance factor.

Imagine the glare of security lights right outside your bedroom
window, do you think you would be able to sleep?

And then there is the
inconvenience to your neighbors, they’d be forever complaining.

But with controlled security lighting that only comes on when movement is detected you don’t have those problems.

the scene. The burglar creeps closer to you home, he has his eye on a
window in a dark corner. He thinks the cover of darkness will keep him
hidden while he works on that window.

He is only a few yards away now
and . . . suddenly your motion activated lights burst into life!

he does not have the cover of darkness, now he might be seen. What does
he do? Well in most cases he instantly forgets about breaking in and

He does not wait around for someone to see him and call 911.

brings up another advantage of not having outside lights permanently

If lights come on suddenly it is much more likely to catch the
attention of your neighbors, and they would be more likely to spot that

How Motion Detecting Lights Protect Your Home.

motion sensor lighting reacts to movement. The movement of a human, an
animal, a moving vehicle, and sometimes also the movement of trees and
shrubs in the wind.

motion light

This can mean your lighting being illuminated when you don’t want it
to be.

On a breezy night your motion sensor lighting could be
continually switching on and off. Annoying, and not very good for
security because you probably would soon come to ignore it.

To avoid this, choose detector lights with distance and range settings that are adjustable.

may also need to experiment a little when installing your lights.

the perfect position and angle so that the motion detector covers the
area you need, but does not get triggered by waving plant life. (As a
last resort you may want to trim back your plants.)

Better yet,
choose lights that have a sensor that senses body heat as well as
movement. These will only operate when a human, or animal, enters their
field of detection.

Most motion detector lights allow you to
choose the duration of illumination after movement ceases. Many also
incorporate a photocell so the lamp is inactive in daylight hours.

Motion activated lights do not use a large amount of power, because they are not
alight continually. But if you want to consume even less electricity
then solar security lights may be an option for you.

motion activated lighting comes in a variety of styles and types. From
the double lamp floodlight style to the carriage lamp design, suitable
for entryways and porches, there is bound to be something to suit your

Indoor Motion Sensor Lights.

Movement sensing lighting is increasingly being used inside the home.

lighting up dark corners, stairwells, basements, a dark garage or even
walk in closets.

You don’t have to fumble for a switch as the light
comes on automatically, a boon for those times when you are carrying
something and have both hands full.