A Child Tracking Device. Track your older child.

Child Tracking Device.

Why Use A Child Tracking Device To Keep Tabs On Your Older Children?

a few years ago the idea that you can remotely keep tabs on the
whereabouts of your children lay within the bounds of science fiction

Then along came GPS technology.

Today it is possible to know where your kids are, how far away they are, and even where they have been.

A child monitoring device can give you all that information and, depending on the model, even more.

There are tracking devices that are more suited for very young children.

These are for kids so young that you would not want them out of your sight when
you are at the park or the mall.

Should your child wander when your attention is momentarily
taken, perhaps you are at the checkout or somebody speaks to you, the
device will alert you when your little one wanders further than a
pre-set distance.

However you have to allow older children more
, even if that is only the freedom to travel to school and home
again on their own.

Older Child GPS Tracking.

The older the child gets the more freedom becomes appropriate. They will want to go places and hang out with their friends.

trust them to a degree and set the boundaries regarding who they can
hang out with, where they are allowed to go and the times that they
should be home by.

A Child Tracking Device Can Help Put Your Mind At Rest.

son has told you he is going to visit friends just a few blocks away.

But is he right over the other side of town hanging out with a crowd
that you don’t approve of?

teenager with car

Your teenage daughter has your permission to stay out until 10 pm. It is now 10.20 pm. Where is she?

child tracking device can help put your mind at rest in both these
scenarios and many more. It can also alert you when you need to take

Child GPS tracking can do so much more than simply alert
you when your child has moved more than a certain distance away from

Older children are not always going to be at your side. With 
child tracking you can if necessary, check that they are where
they have said they will be, or check where they have been.

It should be remembered that just like any other technology, a child tracking device can let you down.

The efficiency and reliability of a GPS device can vary depending on the area in which it is being used.

devices are good, very good, but a parent should not depend entirely on
a child tracking device. They are not a substitute for parenting and
for an older child, but a supplement to it.

iTrail GPS Logger.

The iTrail from Brickhouse security is an advanced GPS location device that serves very well as a covert child tracking device.

Tough, rugged and extremely compact, the iTrail slips very easily into a backpack, pocket or purse.

Not only captures location, but also speed and time. Operates for up to 5 days on a single charge, the tiny iTrail can easily be hidden in a car or in a bag. When recovered it will give you a detailed history of where it has been, all you do is connect the device to your computer using the transfer cable to see the travel history.

The iTrail location device is motion activated, so you only get the detailed information when it moves, this means you only get the information that you need and conserves the life of the battery.

No Monthly Service Fees makes the iTrail a very affordable device for keeping check on where your older children have been.

Requires PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

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iTrail GPS Logger

Spark Nano Real-Time GPS Tracking.

Spark Nano is claimed to have superior receiving ability for real-time
location updates on any computer with Internet connection.

Enhanced GPS
sensitivity allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers
may fail.

The Spark Nano is totally rechargeable for up to five days of
continuous power. With the motion-activated tracking feature the life of
the battery life is extended so you get maximum tracking time.

this child tracking device into any computer and charge it with the
included USB cable, or plug it into the power supply with the wall
charger. Log in online to determine exactly how much battery life is

Outfit your child, pre-teen or teenager with this GPS
tracker device, and he or she can press the panic button to instantly
notify you if they feel in danger, or are having a medical emergency.
The panic button can be pressed continually to send multiple alerts.

instant Geofence alerts on your cellphone or by e-mail as soon as the
child gps tracking unit goes outside a predetermined area set by you.

The Spark Nano is perfect for monitoring teenage drivers and the ‘speed
alert’ feature enables you to review the speed the vehicle has been

The Spark Nano will give you an accurate location to
within fifteen feet under open sky, (where the tracker device can
receive the greatest GPS satellite readout.) Should your child or
teenager move indoors, you will receive an accurate update before the
GPS device enters a building alerting you where the tracking unit is

Spark Nano GPS Tracking Device.

Child Tracking Device