Timer Switch : Use a timer to fool the burglar.

A Timer Switch To Fool The Burglar

A Timer Switch is Inexpensive and Most are Extremely Easy to Program.

A light timer can be used to give the impression someone is at home and make burglars think twice.

Hey! There is a great movie showing at your local cinema. It is getting rave reviews and is an old fashion family movie.

So you and your family will be out for the evening, why not, it’s been a time since you’ve done this, it’s going to be fun.

That leaves your home in total darkness, not a good idea, an
invitation for a burglar.

So you leave the porch light on, but lots of
folks do that when they are out, it’s a good welcome home. Perhaps then
you leave one or two rooms lit up

. . . but does that fool the thief?

How would a burglar know whether there is someone home or not?

Having the brass neck to walk up to your door and stab his finger on
your doorbell would only tell him that nobody came to the door.

would not tell him for sure that nobody is at home. Some people, and
with good reason, do not answer their door unless they are expecting a

One or two rooms with the lights on may make him uncertain, so what
does he do? He may give up and seek another target, or he may decide to
keep watch awhile.

A room or two constantly lit does not represent a normal pattern.

In an occupied home somebody is going to go into the kitchen to make themselves a coffee. Somebody is going to use the bathroom.

wall mounted timer switch

The watching thief notes the lack of signs of people moving about
their home, he concludes there is likely nobody at home and makes his

With the same home protected by a timer switch, or switches, the
bathroom light could come on once in a while, a bedroom light could
illuminate just long enough to give the impression that someone had
grabbed a sweater.

This would make the burglar much more uncertain.

Of course he knows that homeowners can use a time switch to fool
him, but with the extra uncertainty he is more likely to move on.

Your radio and TV can also be controlled by a timer to give an
illusion of occupancy, ( keep in mind though that most modern
televisions cannot be switched on by a time switch, they require the
pressing of a button or use of the remote as well as the introduction of

A Timer Switch to Suit Your Needs.

You can purchase timers with a variety of available settings. Some
programmable switches provide up to six on/off settings per day
and some provide a random setting which eliminates predictability.

You can have a timer that you can program a setting for Monday to
Friday and a different setting for the weekend, or a different setting
for each day if you wish.

How about a time switch that calculates when to switch on and for sunset and sunrise by the longitude and latitude for your area. You have a wealth of choice when it comes to protecting your home and family with timers.

Wall timer switches are designed to replace conventional light
switches and control your room lighting. Most incorporate battery back
up for your settings in case of power outage. You can have a wall timer
switch suitable for use with florescent lighting. Find Your Wall Switch Timer at Amazon.com

Plug in timers are used to control table lamps and other
appliances. Your lamp simply plugs into the timer, the timer plugs into
the wall outlet. Some plug in timers are programmable for a range of
settings. Find Your Plug In Timer at Amazon.com


Timer Switch.

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