Apartment Security Tips – security for apartment living

Apartment Security Tips, Be Safe and Secure

Before reading, and hopefully absorbing, these apartment security tips – please read this article on Security for Apartment Living first.

Safe And Secure In Your Apartment.

Always report any common area lighting that is not working (burnt
out bulbs etc.) Don’t leave it to others, they likely won’t report it.

Make sure that your building management gets the lighting working as
soon as possible.

This applies to outside as well as inside lighting. You do not want dark pathways or parking areas.

Do not have your apartment number on your parking space; it gives
burglars a big clue as to whether there is somebody at home or not.

If it is the system for your building to mark parking spaces with apartment numbers, agitate to get the system changed.

A strategically positioned mirror will enable you to see around corridor
corners or other places that a villain could be lurking.

These mirrors
are a positive security measure, will not cost your building’s
management much and should be easy for them to install.

If your apartment building has a laundry room don’t use it alone, team up with a neighbor. Not only is it safer but more sociable as well.

How are the bushes and shrubs around your apartment complex? Are they a little overgrown? Burglars love cover.

Make sure that maintenance does its job and keeps plant-life under
control and trimmed back. The more exposed any open areas are the less
chance there will be of prowlers.


Apartment living can be safe and secure if you apply a little common sense and these apartment security tips.

Although fencing around the building is a good idea it should not
provide cover for an intruder.

Slated fencing or other fencing that
enables anyone on the grounds to be seen is a better security measure than a solid barrier.

If your apartment has a glass patio door, you no doubt enjoy the
easy access to the outside and the refreshing air that they can bring
inside. However be aware that the Security of Sliding Glass Doors is not always what it should be.

Does your apartment door have a mail slot? Make sure that a prowler or
burglar cannot look through it into your apartment to check who, if
anyone, is at home.

Fit a cover, or a box, on the inside so you can get
your bills and junk mail but nobody can see into your home.

Do not have an address tag on your keys. If you lose your
keys, or they get stolen, have your locks or the cylinder changed

You will most likely have to bare the cost but that is far
preferable than having keys that open up your apartment ending up in the
hands of a thief.

It almost goes without saying that you should never leave your
keys with anyone that you do not absolutely trust.

Ask yourself would
you trust them with your money? No? Then don’t trust them with your

If you are renting your apartment don’t just assume that you are covered
by the building management’s insurance, find out if you are or not.

not, get covered, it is not over costly and worth it for the peace of
mind. Don’t let insurance cover make you lax in apartment security

Never give details to anyone about the times that you are likely to
be out of your apartment.

security mirror
A carefully placed mirror will allow you to see around corridor corners where a thug may be hiding.
 security mirror
A carefully placed mirror will allow you to see around corridor corners where a thug may be hiding.

If someone phones pretending to be a
telemarketer or conducting a survey and you tell them you are out at
work from dawn to dusk, then that information could be an early
Christmas present for a thief.

If you are taking a trip and leaving your apartment empty for a
spell, don’t advertise that fact to burglars.

It’s easy to leave signs
that you are away on vacation without realizing that you have done so,
many of these Vacation Security Tips also apply to apartments.

Apartment Security Tips – The Elevator.

Check to see who is inside before stepping into the elevator. If
there is someone that you don’t recognize, and you don’t like the look
of them, simply wait for the next one.

If someone suspicious looking, or acting, gets in – you get out before the door closes.

If you can, always stand by the control panel. Familiarize yourself as to exactly where the alarm button is, so you can hit it promptly if the need arises.

Never get in an elevator that has no lighting. If the lighting is not working or is dim, then maintenance needs to fix it straight away.

Apartment living can be safe and secure if you apply a little common
sense and these Apartment Security Tips along with the advice on this page.


Apartment Security Tips.

Apartment Security Systems.
Wireless apartment security systems can be installed without upsetting your landlord.

Car Key Burglary
Making a grab for his car keys Daniel was taken aback that they were not
hanging on the rack. Strange. He was positive that he had hung them
there on arriving home, somebody must have moved them, why? Where? Spare set, in the tin box of spare keys
and stuff at the back of the closet. Got them good, now get going out of
the house. Outside, no car! How?