Window Alarms – Alarm your windows for peace of mind.

Window Alarms – Part Of Your Home’s Security

Can Window Alarms Be Defeated By A Burglar?

plain and simple answer is yes. There is a professional burglar
somewhere who will have the skills needed to defeat even the very best

The good news is that most of us will never suffer the
attention of such an individual.

Some of us might be visited by a burglar who is not so skilled, but
does have some experience in tackling widow alarms.

However knows that
he runs a risk if he attempts to disable your system. He would much
prefer to burglarize an unprotected home.

For most of us it is the
unprofessional opportunist burglar possessing few if any skills who is
most likely to pay a visit. He may have picked up a trick or two, but
basically does not have the knowledge to disable an alarm.

Once he
sees that your window has an alarm device fitted he will likely leave
it alone and look for another way into your home, or look for a less
protected home to steal from.

Or he could be stupid enough to try and
break in through your window anyway, the most likely outcome being the
alarm is triggered and scares him off.

Do Your Windows Need Protecting?

If you have a professionally installed central alarm system
it is likely that it covers all of your windows as well as your doors,
that is how it should be installed anyway.

Or you could have a wireless
system that you installed yourself, that’s a good cost effective way to
protect your home and family.

burglar at window

Does your home need the protection of alarmed windows?
 burglar at window
Does your home need the protection of alarmed windows?

Usually a wireless home security kit
comes with a limited amount of detectors and sensors. In other words,
unless you live in a very small apartment, you are only able to alarm
some of your windows and doors.

Fortunately each of these wireless security kits are expandable, you can buy extra detectors and sensors.

It could be costly mistake to install the system and then never get around to purchasing and installing the additional sensors.

window that you leave unprotected by your alarm system is the window
that the burglar will pick, he is unlikely to choose an alarm protected
window because window alarms cause burglars problems.

Perhaps you do not have an alarm system at all.

you are concerned about the cost you may be surprised how far home
alarm systems have come down in price in recent years, it really is not
that much expense to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having all
your windows (and doors) protected by an alarm.

If you can’t budget for a central alarm system just at the moment, you may want to consider individual window alarms.

compact alarms are low priced and protect one window apiece. They can
be very effective as a temporary measure for deterring intruders, but
it must be kept in mind that they are not the best in home security.

Can Window Alarms Be Heard?

If your nearest neighbor is some distance away, then the chances are
slim. If this is your situation then a monitored alarm system that
covers your windows and doors would give you the best protection.

your windows are hooked up to a home security system with an outside
siren or bell box, then the likelihood of someone hearing your alarm is
pretty good.

upper story windows

Your upper floor windows need protection too.

With the individual wireless window alarms, you cannot be sure that
someone will hear them.

These alarms are good and considering their
compact size they can be surprisingly loud and piercing.

However, if your neighbor is sat in front of their home cinema, they are
not going to hear that alarm, or at least it is highly unlikely they will.

you are at home then these compact alarms can alert you to a burglar
trying to enter one of your windows.

If you are out then there is the
chance the siren will cause the thief to scram just like any other kind
of alarm for your windows would. Burglars do not like to hang around with a wailing alarm drawing attention to their crimes.

not ignore your upper story windows. If an upper floor window presents
an opportunity for entry into your home a burglar will take it.

thief is highly unlikely to carry a ladder around with him so how does
he get up there? Sometimes homeowners make it so easy for the burglar by
leaving a ladder out in the yard (ladders should be stored out of sight
in a shed, chained and padlocked.)

A suitable piece of garden furniture could be pushed against the wall of your house and climbed on.

The thief can make use of downpipes and other features of your home to reach upper windows.

For security, all
the windows of your home should have locks and alarms, not just those
at ground level and of course, window locks are no protection unless
they are locked and alarms are useless unless they are set.

It is
best practice to close, lock and alarm all of your windows each time you
leave your home. Make it an unbreakable habit, even when you leave
your home for just a minute.

Types Of Window Alarms.

Most intruder alarms for windows have magnetic contacts, there are
other types of contact but these are the most common. If the electrical
circuit that flows through the contact is broken by the window being
opened, the alarm sounds – simple but effective.

Some magnetic contacts are surface mounted, one section on the window and the other on the window frame.

contacts are recessed into the window and into the frame and therefore
are less visible.

You may find this to be more pleasing to the eye, but
do remember that the more visible an alarm is the more of a deterrent it
is. If a burglar can see that your window is alarmed, it is possible
he will leave it alone and not even attempt to break in.

break sensors protect your windows in a slightly different way. Whereas
alarms with magnetic detectors set off the alarm when your window is
opened, glass break sensors (or detectors,) are attuned to the sound of
breaking glass, so will only sound the alarm when your window pane is actually broken.

your windows have a good tight fit (so the burglar can’t slip a tool
through any gap,) and are securely locked, then breaking the glass is
likely the only way a burglar can get your window open. One advantage
of these sensors is that, usually only one per room is needed instead of
one per window. Read more here – Glass Break Sensors.

Window alarms are but one link in the chain of your home security of course, but an important one.

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Window Alarms.

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