Basement Window Security – Keeping the burglar out.

Basement Window Security.

You Need to Give Full Attention to Basement Window Security.

Your basement may be an area below ground level that is unfinished and
employed to accommodate the furnace, air-conditioning system, electrical
panel and the like.

You may also use it to store stuff that you should
have thrown out years ago.

Or perhaps your basement is partially or
entirely finished, and is a regular part of your home.

Either way, there is likely a window or two to let in light and air and, like any windows, basement windows can also let in burglars.

You don’t want to take chances with your basement window security, even
if your basement does only contain your collection of postcards and
that kayak you have not used in years.

Once he has got in to your basement a burglar can easily make his way through the rest of your home.

Most likely you will consider Window Security Bars or
grilles, as an answer for your basement window security needs.

doubt about it, a sturdy set of burglar bars correctly installed will
give a housebreaker a bigger headache than he wants to have, and likely
put him off even attempting to break in.

burglar in green mask
burglar in green mask

The usual objection to window security bars, that they are an ugly eyesore, may not apply in the case of basement windows which are usually pretty much obscured from view.

It is because windows to basements are generally half below
ground level, and may be completely concealed by shrubs, that makes them
so vulnerable.

In most areas there are building codes and regulations that
stipulate that security bars are fitted with a quick release mechanism,
this may also apply to basement window bars.

In any event, you would not want a member of your family cornered
in a blazing basement with their only escape route obstructed by
non-opening bars.

Alternative Security Options for Basement Windows

Window Security Film is an alternative option for protecting your basement windows.

If the aesthetics of your basement window security are important to you then you might wish to consider window security film.

The film is a non-visible deterrent, a flexible polyester
sheet that is fixed to the inside of the window. If a burglar strikes
the window hard enough the glass will shatter, but stay together
preventing entry.

Yet another alternative to fitting bars over the window is to
replace the glass with polycarbonate sheeting. This material is of
high-impact strength and presents a very tough challenge for an intruder
to break through.

As the sheeting merely replaces the glass pane, an
opening window can still function for ventilation or as an emergency
escape route.

Glass blocks are considered by many folks to be both stylish and
cool. Being translucent these blocks can provide a basement area with
both light and privacy.

The traditional solid glass blocks, and not the acrylic type, are
probably best for secure basement windows, solid glass blocks are
remarkably tough and extremely resistant to shattering.

Don’t forget that there are other ways to break in through a window other than breaking the glass, a burglar could work on the Window Locks.

Make sure that your basement windows are fitted with security
locks and for complete basement window security they need to be hooked
up with your Home Security System.


Basement Window Security.

A Home Security Monitoring System Guarding Your Home.
There is no doubt that homes protected by a home security monitoring
system are far less prone to be burgled. Many insurance companies give a
discount for homes defended by monitored home security.