Window Security Bars : Visual security for your windows

Home Window Security Bars.

Window Security Bars a.k.a. Burglar Bars

are very few security measures that are more visually apparent than
window security bars.

Apart from the effectiveness of the bars, or
grilles, in preventing a thief gaining entry to your home, the mere
visual presence of the bars will put many a would-be burglar off even trying.

Whatever method the housebreaker uses to try and get through the burglar bars would involve two things . . . noise and time.

Thieves hate making noise and hate spending time, they need to be in and out of your home as quickly and quietly as possible.

The last thing they want to do is attract attention.

Why then aren’t there burglar bars protecting all the windows on all of the homes that we see?

There are indeed some neighborhoods like that, almost every window that you see have bars.

But for most of us
barred windows do little to enhance the visual appearance of our homes.

is true that we do want to do all that it is possible to do to protect
our families and our property from burglars and other intruders, but on
the other hand we don’t want our homes looking like high security

There are home window bars available that are
designed to look a little more appealing to the eye whilst still giving
as much protection as possible.

window bars

Some are fashioned with wrought iron
scrolls, or other fancy ironwork, others are designed to appear to be
part of the window frame itself.

Many of us though, limit the use
of security bars to basement windows or windows that are out of the view
of neighbors or people passing by.

Not so much because of the ugliness
of the bars, but because these are the kind of windows that burglars
love, they can work unseen.

As a more eye friendly
alternative, collapsible gates or roller shutters can be fitted that are
designed to be hidden by your drapes and give a good measure of

When not in use these shutters/gates are slid out of view.

Window Security Bars – The Fire Risk.

In our quest to make our property secure from intrusion we must not forget other dangers, particularly fire.

would be the consequences for your family being trapped by a fire in a
room where the only escape route was blocked by security bars?

In fact in most areas today there are building codes, local laws and
regulations that require security grilles to be of the quick release

These have devices fitted that operate from the inside and allow
the grilles or bars to be opened quickly and easily if you need to make
an emergency escape.

Window Guard, 3 Bar Black

These regulations apply whether you fit the home window bars
yourself or have a contractor fit them.

Check which security bars, or
grilles, are approved for your area.

Even if non-opening grilles are
allowed do you really want to install them and put your family at risk?

of these quick release grills are operated without a key and are
therefore the safest type; you don’t want to be fumbling around for a
key in the event of a fire.

Be sure that all members of your
family, including young children, know how to operate the quick release

Practice emergency escapes with your entire family.

Do not forget that your garage and outbuildings can also be
protected by window security bars and here the aesthetic look of the
bars may not be as much of an issue.

It must be
kept in mind that home window security bars are not 100% intruder proof. However some bars are saw resistant and will involve the burglar
spending a good deal of time attempting to get in.

Many criminals
will pass on your home when they see burglar bars are fitted and move
on to a less protected property. But there is always the possibility of a
housebreaker defeating the bars, and so, like all security measures,
grills and bars are best as part of an overall security system for your home.


Window Security Bars.

Window Security Film : the discrete protection of security film.
Window security film can prevent a thief from entering your home by
breaking your window. He may break the glass but still not be able to
get through the window.

Window Security Locks : Keep that burglar out.
Window security locks play a vital part in the defense against
intruders. Many burglaries involve the thief gaining entry through a
window that has been left unsecured.