GPS Vehicle Tracking : GPS stolen vehicle tracking.

Keeping Track of Automobiles Using GPS Vehicle Tracking.

Global Positioning for GPS Vehicle Tracking.

If you have always wondered what a Global Positioning System
(GPS) is, you are not alone. But luckily, the answer is quite simple.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was created by the United
States military to allow for the precise tracking and positioning of war
ships, land based attack vehicles, fighter and bomber jets, and other
pieces of military hardware.

This technology was later opened up for public use, and has been proven as the genesis of a multi-billion dollar industry.

The most common and visible use of global positioning is for GPS
vehicle tracking. Global Positioning System vehicle tracking serves two
primary purposes.

In the first place, many new automobiles come with a GPS system
that can notify authorities of the automobile’s location in case of a
disaster or theft.

Many companies that have fleets of cars or trucks use this
tracking system to ensure that their fleet vehicles are being used in
the proper manner.

How Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Work?

Learning about the way a global positioning tracking system works can be
a bit complicated. But if you learn a little about positioning
technology, you should be able to understand at least the basics.

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The global positioning system consists of a network of twenty seven
orbiting satellites positioned in such a way that at least four of them
are visible in all parts of the sky at all times.

The receivers that are used in GPS vehicle tracking use these
satellites to determine their position.

Every GPS receiver, whether used
in a GPS vehicle tracking system, or a small hand-held hiking receiver,
uses the same system. This goes a long way in ensuring that GPS results
are consistent among all devices.

While the technology behind GPS tracking may be somewhat complicated, the actual system is quite simple to use.

GPS and Car Theft.

The number one advantage of GPS is that it allows automobiles to be
tracked in ways that were never before possible. The most common use of
some GPS systems is to help locate the vehicle in the case of theft.

Should the vehicle be stolen the system is triggered and sends out a
unique signal that can be tracked by the police. With some systems if
your car is disturbed you receive an alert by cell phone, text, pager
or email.

Should your vehicle actually be started you receive a second

Several GPS tracking systems have a password protected web site,
which gives precise location coordinates, down to several feet, and the
speed, and direction in which your car is traveling, you can pass this
information on to the police.

You are even able to prevent your vehicle
from being restarted after it has stopped just by a click on the web

Also, global vehicle tracking can be used to alert authorities to
the vehicle’s position in the case of an automobile accident (the
system can detect when airbags have deployed, and will notify a command

If no one answers a call from the operator after airbag
deployment, local authorities are informed of the accident and are given
complete vehicle tracking information.

A GPS stolen vehicle tracking system may seem somewhat of an expense for
the private vehicle owner, (you will need to take account of any
monthly charge) but if the system results in an early recovery of a
stolen car it could save you a good deal.

Also, lower insurance may be
available for automobiles with GPS vehicle tracking, maybe by as much as
15 percent.

Global Positioning System Vehicle Tracking Used by Fleet Operators.

Another increasingly common use of GPS tracking is used by fleet operators to keep track of their units.

This system allows a central command center to monitor the
location of all fleet vehicles in real time, thereby allowing for more
flexible scheduling and dispatching.

Also, vehicle tracking is particularly important in the
trucking industry. Most states have legislated mandatory rest periods
for truckers, and trucking companies are at fault if their truckers do
not comply.

Companies can use GPS real time vehicle tracking to ensure that all
truckers are stopping for the required amount of time. This tracking
system is also useful to ensure that vehicle operators are staying on
their assigned routes.

The GPS real time vehicle location data collected can be used to engineer more efficient routing and dispatching procedures.

Overall, the global position system has revolutionized the way people
and objects are tracked. GPS tracking is an example of military
technology that has been opened to the public.

Even though it may be
difficult to understand the technology that is behind this system, it
can be a very useful feature in a number of different situations.

This is evident by the way that so many industries have taken advantage of this equipment.


GPS Vehicle Tracking.

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