Parking Lot Security. Be secure in the parking lot.

Parking Lot Security : Be Secure In The Parking Lot.

So what is parking lot security?

parking lot could be nothing more than an area of waste ground where
you are charged for the very dubious privilege of leaving your car

Quite possibly there will be no camera surveillance or other form of security, and the only staff a very disinterested person
who is there merely to ensure that you pay the charge.

At the other end of the spectrum is valet parking where an
attendant parks and retrieves your vehicle.

These lots will be well
covered by CCTV and possibly patrolled by security staff.

unauthorized persons in the parking area would stand out like a fistful
of sore thumbs.

In between the two are the parking areas at the
front of local stores, the vast open area parking lots of the
superstores and malls, office block parking, hospital, airport, park and
ride, school and library parking.

As well as these there is multilevel parking, either up several stories or several levels underground.

Ensuring your personal security.

Security in a parking lot depends upon two parties, the owner of the lot and . . . you.

parking lot owner, whether that be a store, town authority,
entertainment venue or whoever, can do a lot to improve the security and
protection of users.

They can install a good, monitored CCTV
surveillance system, have the area patrolled, take measures to keep out
undesirables, install adequate lighting and maintain the lot so that
there is good visibility at all times.

parking lot
Parking in daylight?
Think about when you are likely to return to your car, will it still be daylight then?
parking lot security image
Parking in daylight?
Think about when you are likely to return to your car, will it still be daylight then?

You can also do much to ensure your personal security and the security of your vehicle and possessions. . .

Make sure that all doors are locked, don’t forget the trunk, and
ensure all windows are closed up tight.

This is parking lot security
101, leaving a door unlocked or a window open makes it too easy for

Don’t fall into the “I’ll only be a few minutes” mentality, how
long does it take for a thief to get into an unlocked car and drive it

Put everything out of sight even if you don’t consider it to be
valuable the thief might think it so.

Lock it away in the trunk, if you
can’t do that then cover it with a blanket.

If you are parking all day, at work or at conference for example, return to your car when you can, during a break perhaps, and move it to a different location.

If you are parking at night choose an area of the parking lot that is
well lit. If you cannot see a fair distance and your vehicle cannot be
seen from a fair distance, don’t leave it there – park someplace else.

Parking in daylight? Think about when you are likely to return to your car, will it still
be daylight then? Even if you plan to be back to your vehicle before
nightfall remember that you could be delayed.

Check, is there any
lighting in this area of the parking lot, would you choose to park here
if it was dark?

Avoid parking close to bushes, trees or walls that could provide cover
for a thief.

Avoid also parking next to large vans or other high-sided
vehicles, you want your car, and yourself, to be as visible as possible to security cameras, security staff and others.

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Parking Lot Security. Take precautions and always be aware of what is happening around you. We all have to use parking lots, be security conscious but don’t become paranoid.

Look around you before leaving your car. Is there anyone
loitering unnecessarily? Anything suspicious going on? If there is park
somewhere else and notify the parking lot security staff of what you
have seen.

Get into the habit of entering and leaving your car as quickly as

Try and avoid opening the car door before you have gathered
together all that you need to take with you.

When returning to your car look around for suspicious persons or
suspicious activity as you approach. If you don’t like the look of
anyone, or anything, then notify security.

Take a look at the back seats of your vehicle before getting in, make sure there is not anyone hiding out in your car.

Get in the habit of setting your Car Alarm, and any other security
devices, when you leave your car. Make use of alarm stickers or decals.
If you don’t have an alarm fitted – get one installed.

As well as any invisible security measures fitted in your car use
a steering wheel locking, or brake pedal locking device.

These are
highly visible and they let a thief know that he would need at least a
little time to steal your vehicle, there is a good chance he would look
for an easier target.

When using valet parking only leave the keys that you need to with the
attendant. Never leave keys that are marked with a key code and do not have your address attached to your keys.

When parking in a lot that charges a fee always take the ticket with
you, don’t leave it in your car, the auto-thief needs it to make an

Must you be alone? Whenever you can make that trip that involves using a parking lot with company.

Shopping – you must have neighbors who need to make trips to the stores
about as often as you do. Why not make it a date to go together, you
not only will be safer in the parking lot but you will also enjoy the
experience more.

Parking at work – perhaps there is someone in
the building that lives close to you and makes the same journey. Why
not car share? Save gas, have company and only have one car in the lot
to worry about.

If you are ever threatened remember that your car and your possessions are replaceable, you are not.

Parking lots suffer a lot of crime, car theft, vandalism, pickpocketing,
mugging and other personal assault. However you can do a lot to improve
your parking lot security by being selective in where you park, taking
basic precautions and always being aware of what is happening around

We all have to use parking lots, be security conscious but don’t become paranoid.


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