Motorcycle Alarms : Beat the motorcycle thieves.

Motorcycle Alarms Deter thieves.

Motorcycle Alarms Beat The Motorcycles Thieves, Right?

Yes and no, alarms do not make motorcycles theft proof in all cases, but
a good alarm, used with other security measures, will deter many a

Lift-Away Theft.

You know how it works. A truck pulls up. Out jump two or more guys,
maybe one is wearing motorcycle gear.

They lift your ‘cycle into the
back of the truck and are gone, man, gone.

The whole operation only took a moment or two.

To anyone who happens
to be watching the show it looked like a motorcycle rider had trouble
starting his machine, so he enlisted the assistance of some friends with
a truck.

You return to the spot where you left your machine and there it is – – gone!

Now you could have made things a little trickier for the thieves.
You could have chained your motorcycle to some immovable object, which
would be much better than running a chain through a wheel, because with a
chain through a wheel a ‘cycle can still be lifted.

But chains can be cut, and quickly too. In this case, with the thieves
cutting the chain it would look a deal more suspicious to observing


Your machine is your pride and joy, you don’t want to lose it.

Best scenario is that your motorcycle is chained so the villains
have to spend time busting it free before they can load it on the truck,
. .

. and your motorcycle security alarm gets the attention of everyone within earshot.

Yes, even machines fitted with alarms have been lifted, but
thieves do not like drawing attention to themselves for obvious reasons.

There is a good chance that the bad guys will pass up a ‘cycle with an
alarm and go find one less troublesome to steal.

Pager Motorcycle Alarms.

Many of today’s motorcycle alarms do far more than just sound a siren
when your bike is tampered with.

Two way pager alarms for example, have
the capability to exchange information with you and let you know what
is going on with your motorcycle.

Some of these alarms have systems that kill the ignition to
prevent hot wiring. Battery backup packs enable the siren to operate
even if thieves cut or by-pass wires.

As well as the expected tilt and shock sensors, many of these
systems have a remote engine cut off feature to prevent hijacking and
audio, visual and vibration alert on the remote control.

Locking Devices.

Do locks deter the theft of your motorcycle?