Garage Door Lock – Locking thieves out of your garage.

Your Garage Door Lock.

A garage door lock is essential. A garage that did not lock
would still protect your vehicle from the elements, but would do little
to protect it from thieves.

A lock is usually
fitted to a garage door as standard, but there are locks and there are

When you consider that your vehicle is probably your biggest
investment after your home, it is vital to make sure it is secure when

your garage has an internal door that leads into your home, it is even
more important that thieves are prevented from gaining entry.

may want to replace your garage door lock because it does not offer the
degree of security you demand, or perhaps over time the lock has become

Whereas the lock used to work effectively and
efficiently, it now requires a good deal of jiggling the key, and a few
cuss words, before it will lock or unlock.

It is possible that
lock is heading for complete failure.

You could find yourself locked out
of your garage, or suddenly find yourself unable to secure your garage doors leaving your vehicle, and anything stored in your garage, vulnerable to theft.

Who Has A Key to your Garage?

Just moved in to your new home don’t know how many keys are about and
who has them? You need to change all external door locks or have them

Make no mistake, this is a security must. Just one Copied Key in the wrong hands and you could suffer a burglary.

Most important, don’t forget your garage door when changing or re-keying your locks.

Garage Door Security.

building with two garages
building with two garages

Garage Doors Locked. Thieves kept out.

Naturally you will want to make sure that it is the lock on your garage door itself that is causing the problems.

It is possible that it’s the door’s locking bars that are the source
of your troubles, over time they may have gotten out of alignment.

so, it is a relatively simple job to adjust the two L shape brackets
that guide each lock bar.

It is essential that you also check the
condition of the lock if you have need to adjust the locking bars. With
the extra strain placed upon the lock through the bars being out of
alignment, a replacement lock may be necessary.

Your garage
lock is only one part of the picture.

A garage door that is weak, or
falling apart, will not provide you with security no matter how good the
lock is.

The door to your garage gets a lot of use. Each trip
that you make entails the door being opened, you drive your car out and
the door is closed. On your return your garage door is unlocked and
locked closed yet again.

The door needs to be periodically
inspected for deterioration, not just the lock but also the door
itself, the frame, the door closers etc. It pays to employ good Garage Door Security.

Use Your Garage Door Lock

Cars are stolen from garages every day. You have the good sense to
park your vehicle in your garage and not leave it out on the drive, but
that does not mean that it is safe from theft.

Your garage needs to be locked, whether
your car is in there or not and whether there is anybody home or not.

No garage door lock can be said to be completely burglar proof, but it certainly
pays to install one that will defeat most thieves.


Garage Door Lock.

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