Steering Wheel Locks : A Good Visible Deterrent.

Steering Wheel Locks – A Good Visible Deterrent.

They may not be the latest hi-tech car security devices, but steering
wheel locks are a highly visual deterrent to car theft. They have a security value despite
the bad press they sometimes receive.

It may not be a good idea to rely on them as your sole security measure
but these babies will put many a would be auto thief off of attempting
to steal your car.

This is especially true of inexperienced thieves, joyriders for example.

steering wheel anti theft locks can be defeated, particularly the
early, simple design models but they have been improved considerably
over the years.

The latest types are of a more complex design with
good anti-theft measures that defeat even experienced thieves, and
would at the least require the thief to spend some time removing them,
something thieves don’t want to do.

Different Anti-Theft Lock, Different Protection.

There are many models available, some simply hook round the brake pedal and the
steering wheel, others may also have an extension
arm that when in position prevents the wheel from being turned.

Other models either partly or completely cover over the steering

This prevents thieves from hacking through the spokes of the
wheel and sliding the lock off, and may also prevent them from removing
the wheel from the column.

If you want to go for the ultimate, steering locks are available
that sound an alarm when interfered with, set by using a remote when you
leave your vehicle.

Some steering wheel theft locks also prevent your air bag from being stolen, (air bags are rapidly becoming the number one item stolen from cars.)

Many of today’s automobiles come off the production line with anti theft devices, such as immobilizers already fitted, and this is a good thing.