A Fire Safe Box : Protect your important documents.

A Fire Safe Box.

A Fire Safe Box, Ideal For Protecting Your Documents.

A house fire is a terrible thing. Of course the most important thing is that all family members escape safely.

It is heartbreaking however, to see all your possessions go up in smoke, especially as you had to work so hard to get them.

Given time though, possessions can be replaced, hopefully you have insurance that covers you for fire.

Modern life means that we acquire lots of important documents that we would not want to lose, in a fire or otherwise.

Some of these, like possessions, may be replaceable and some may not be.

The aftermath of a house fire is just when you may desperately need some of
those documents, such as title deeds and fire insurance papers.

do you keep those documents safe from fire so that you have them when
you need them?

One answer would be a fireproof home safe, but you may
not have the room for it or be able to budget for it.

Your solution could be a fire safe box, a much smaller container suitable for storing and protecting important papers.

fire safe box

boxes come in a variety of styles and designs. Some are similar to an
attaché case although not generally as big. Others are similar to file

When choosing one make sure it is plenty big enough to hold the
papers you need to protect.

The internal measurements are as important,
if not more important,
than the external measurements.

Choose your
fire safe box wisely and you may be able to safeguard all your
documents plus photographs, rare stamps and maybe even some items of

Look for a UL rating. This will tell you how long it will protect your
documents and at what heat. Many are rated for 30 minutes and for 1500 –
1700ºF. 30 minutes is longer than most house fires will burn and
1500ºF is hotter than most house fires get.

Protect Your Documents From Water Too.

the unfortunate happen and your home suffers a fire, no doubt you, or
somebody else, will call the fire dept. What do firefighters use to put
out a house fire?

That’s right water, lots and lots of water, and water
is almost as likely to damage, or even destroy, your important documents
as fire is.

If you wish to protect your valuables from water as well as fire, choose a fire resistant box that is also water resistant, not all are.

Fire Safe Box – What About The Burglar?

is important to remember that a fire safe box may be fire resistant and
possibly water resistant, but give little resistance at all to a

Most fireproof security files and boxes have privacy locks. These are
designed for keeping out prying eyes and making sure the top stays
closed in a fire. They are not a defense against a thief.

fire resistant boxes have better locks than others and would slow a
thief down, however these chests are relatively small and it would be
pretty easy for a burglar to carry one away. He could then take his time
to break in to it.

Boxes are available that come with a cable
for tethering to a secure anchor point. Again this does not make it
impossible to steal but would cost the burglar time.

One of the reasons that you may be choosing to buy a small fireproof security file or box instead of a full sized Fire Safe,
is that if a fire broke out while you are at home, you can grab the box
and run. Well, yes you may be able to do that but you will be putting
yourself at risk if you do.

Your documents may be very important,
but they are only paper. Paper can be replaced, humans cannot. Get your
family and yourself to safety, that’s all that matters.

Let your fire safe box do it’s job and protect your papers.

be sure of fire, water and burglary resistance you may need to consider
a full size conventional home safe. Of course you lose the portability
and you will need a bigger budget and more space, but if you want to
protect your documents and valuables from all three things a suitable
conventional safe may be your answer.

If you are choosing a fire
safe box for it’s portability then weight is a consideration.

The weight
of the container may not be much of a problem if all you need to do is
carry it from your home office to your car, but may be a problem if you
regularly need to carry it further than that.

Safeguarding Against Mold.

would be disastrous to find that having protected your important papers
from the ravages of fire, you open up your fire resistant box to find the
contents ruined by mold.

Full sized fire safes, fire resistant cabinets and boxes all run the
risk of generating mold.

Modern manufacturing methods have reduced
this problem, but mold can still appear if a fire safe box is kept
closed for a long period.