Fireproof Home Safe. Protect your important documents

The Protection of a Fireproof Home Safe.

A Fireproof Home Safe Will Protect Your Important Documents.

In this life, it’s better to prepare for the worst rather than hope for the best.

can happen whether we like it or not, and disasters often come without

Should there be a fire in your home, do you have a fireproof

Sure, you probably have fire alarms or smoke detectors to protect
you and the rest of your family, but what about your important

Having a place to store documents in your home that is resistant to
fire will help keep them safe during a blaze that would otherwise
destroy everything.

Obviously, the safest course is to store the documents that you don’t want to risk losing at the bank.

However, a fireproof safe is convenient for storing those documents that you may need to keep close to you.

it is wisest not to keep substantial amounts of cash in your home but
many of us do for one reason or another. Cash burns, just like any other
paper, folding money will ignite when in contact with flames, or if it
gets hot enough.

Depending on the size of the fireproof home safe that you purchase, you may also be able to store other of your valuables as well as your documents.

you have valuable jewelry, works of art and the like, having a safe
will help protect these valuables from fires, robbers and other
potential natural disasters.

Will my Home Safe Really be Fireproof?

It is important to note that most fireproof safes are not technically fireproof, but rather fire-resistant.

fireproof safe
SentrySafe 1 Hour Fireproof Combination Safe, 0.8 Cubic Feet, Black

This means that if your safe was in a fire that reaches a high
enough temperature and is inflamed for long enough, your documents could
still burn.

There are no normal materials that a safe could be
manufactured from that are invulnerable to the effect of heat and fire
at long enough intensity or for a long enough period of time.

Because of this, it is vital that you research to find the home safe that fits your needs.

fireproof, or fire resistant home safes are rated by the Underwriters
Laboratories (UL) to help you know what safe will keep your valuables
the safest.

The way they rate the safes is regarding how long it
can protect your papers from a fire at different temperatures. The
better the rating is the more you can expect to pay.

“UL (also) rates safes for their fire resistance protection. Class 350
safes protect paper documents, Class 150 safes protect magnetic tape and
photographic film, while Class 125 safes protect floppy disks. In
addition to the Class Rating, safes obtain an hourly rating for fire
resistance-anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours.”

Fireproof Home Safes That Are Also Burglar Resistant and Waterproof.

You should keep in mind that although a home safe may have a good
fire resistance rating this does not necessarily mean that it offers
good burglar resistance.

The safe may have been designed purely
for protection against fire.

If this suits your needs all well and good,
but most likely you will want a home safe that also offers some defense
against safe cracking,
there are many such safes available.

First Alert Fire Safe with Digital Lock, 2.14 Cubic Foot, Gray

Many safes are installed in locations at risk of flooding, such as
basements. Water is just as capable of destroying documents, as is fire.

Also keep in mind that in order to put out fire, firefighters need to employ a vast quantity of water.

It would be a shame if your fireproof home safe saved your vital
documentation from the ravages of fire only for those documents to be
rendered useless by water.

If this is a consideration for you choose a
safe that is not only fireproof but also waterproof.

One more thing to keep in mind. As you know, in a really intense fire
buildings start to crumble, masonry and heavy beams come crashing down.

Your safe may be fire resistant but if it isn’t also of sturdy
construction it may be at risk of being crushed and burst open in such a
fire. The contents would then be at the mercy of the flames.

burglarproof, waterproof and crush resistant? You may not need all of
these qualities for your safe, but it would be wise to give them some

It is possible to find a fire-resistant cabinet for
under $80, but it will not offer much other protection and only hold a
small amount of your documents.

The larger safes will start in the price
range of $300-450. But if you are looking for the higher quality
fireproof home safes, which also give burglary protection and are good
for larger valuables, you can expect to pay well over a thousand

You can never predict what the future holds for you, your home or any of
your important documents or valuables. Because of this, the price you
pay for a fireproof home safe should be a minor consideration because it
could make the difference of saving or losing your most valued

If you’re willing to spend the money, you will be able to rest assured
that your possessions will remain undamaged through a fire in a high
quality safe.


Fireproof Home Safes.

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