Gun Safes – A safe place to store your firearms.

Secure Gun Safes.

Quality Gun Safes Are Vital For Secure Storage.

you keep firearms in your home it is essential that you keep those
firearms secure at all times and this is how quality gun storage can help.

you have children in the home, this presents a real danger and you
should know that just finding a hiding spot for your guns just isn’t
good enough.

Children have endlessly curiosity, and that’s a healthy trait. But if they should find your hidden firearm that would be most unhealthy.

Your guns will be found if merely hidden, it’s a certainty.

is not only children that you have to worry about. If an adult that has
no experience of firearms finds your hidden weapon the result could be

You would be responsible for any accidents that occur.

Another risk to not having your guns in a safe is that someone can
very easily steal them. There is a big market for stolen weapons and if
anyone knows or finds out they are in your home, you could become a

Protect your investment with quality gun safes built specifically for these purposes.

Use Your Secure Gun Storage.

Owning a security safe for your firearm is not enough. It must be used constantly.

should never be ” I’ll put my gun in the safe later.” Or “I’ll secure
my handgun in a minute.” It always must be “I’ll safely store my firearm


Delaying locking up your firearm while you take a quick shower, or open your mail, or for any reason could prove deadly.

your weapon out while you do something else and you could get
distracted. Before you know it, your seven year old nephew that is
staying with you has found it. Guns are fascinating objects to a child,
he can’t help but pick it up and . . . tragedy.

Always securely store your weapon without delay.

Installing Gun Safes.

thought must be given as to how you are going to install your safe.

Firearm safes come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and weights. A
safe that can be easily carried off by an intruder is no security at

Even gun vaults that are delivered into to your home on a
handbarrow can be illicitly removed from your home on a handbarrow.

Your secure gun storage must be anchored to the floor or to the wall.
Even a safe that is not of the best construction will cause a burglar
time to break in to it and probably cause him to make some noise too. A
burglar would rather not do either of those things.

The more time he spends in your home and the more noise he makes the
more risk he runs of being caught. But if he can simply carry your vault
away he will do so to work on it somewhere less risky to him. Gun safes should always be securely anchored.

Loaded Or Unloaded?

Rifle Association recommends to always keep a gun unloaded until it is
ready to use and that is sound advice, even for firearms stored in gun vaults.

Ammunition should be securely stored separately. Actions should be kept open and the weapon rendered unable to fire.


However, some firearm owners argue that for self defense, such as a Home Invasion
situation, their handgun needs to be close at hand and ready to fire.
This is dangerous thinking.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a
home invasion attempt do you really want to get involved in a firefight
with your family at risk?

It is true that a home invader could
kick open your door before you have time to retrieve your handgun from
its secure storage, load it and be ready to fire. But there is a lot you
can do to strengthen doors which would give you time to be ready to
defend yourself.

Motion sensitive alerts around your home, such as
driveway alarms, can give warning of approaching strangers.

Quick access storage, such as biometric gun safes, can let you have your weapon ready for use in record quick time.

Dual Purpose Safes.

You can choose
to really get your money’s worth with secure gun storage that does
double duty as a safe for other items and valuables as well.

Choose a
vault that has more room than you need for your firearms and

The extra space will give you the ability to keep your
important documents, jewelry and other precious items safe from theft
and fire.

Fireproof Gun Safes.

isn’t the only danger that you need to protect your firearms from.

is a danger that can destroy your weapons. Fireproof gun safes
offer a high degree of protection from the ravages of fire.

Be clear however, that no safe is truly fire proof,
they are better described as fire resistant. Enough heat against a
metal safe for enough time and your guns will be damaged, perhaps even

These safes are worth your consideration however,
because many house fires are brought under control quickly enough that
your fire resistant safe does its job.

It is worth knowing that although storage may be fire resistant it may
not necessarily be burglar resistant. A fireproof gun cabinet, for
example, may have been designed simply for protection against fire.

To truly protect your guns you need to ensure that your fireproof gun safe is also burglar resistant.

The Choices.

With so many types of firearm safes to choose from now, it’s easy to get one to meet your needs.

Consider if you will be storing handguns only or handguns and rifles
as this will affect the type and size of safe you choose. Deep cabinet
rifle safes are available that allow you to safely store your rifles
with the scopes attached.

Buy a safe that is likely to meet your
future needs. It is very likely that your collection of guns will grow
as time goes by.

You don’t want to have to buy additional storage every
time you acquire a new hunting rifle.