Laptop Safes : Protect your laptop computer from theft

Laptop Safes.

Laptop Safes – Protection for Laptop Computers and Tablets and the Data they Contain.

Laptop computer theft is very common and unfortunately something in excess of 90% of stolen laptops are never recovered.

all of these thefts are of laptops and tablets stolen from the home of course.

Apart from unattended laptop computers being stolen from offices, they
are taken from airport waiting lounges, cafes and bars, from vehicles
and brazenly snatched from those carrying them in the street.

A good many are stolen in the course of residential burglaries though.

face it, laptop and tablet computers are designed with portability in mind. That means they are
portable for you, and portable for the burglar.

All the thief has to do is grab it
and vamoose, likely he will want to turn your laptop into quick cash so
he sells it on to a fence for a few dollars.

What will the fence
do with it? Possibly he will pass it on to a crooked computer specialist
who will extract any valuable data from it.

Not a happy scenario
if your missing laptop contains your personal details, your company
data, or if you operate your own home business, your customers personal

What a bonanza for a thief who wants to commit Identity Theft.

So why laptop safes? Wouldn’t my regular home safe protect my laptop or tablet from theft?

If you have a home safe and it is wide enough to accommodate your laptop then that is fine.

laptop safe
laptop safe

But many Small Home Safes
that are designed to protect a small amount of cash or jewelry have
internal dimensions that are too narrow to accept a laptop computer.

Laptop computer safes have the internal width and depth necessary to
store your laptop and possibly laptop accessories.

Always check the internal dimensions when deciding on a safe for your device.

Laptop Security Cables – An Alternative?

Laptop security cables are very affordable but are they a viable alternative to laptop computer safes?

cables, some of which are made from high tensile steel, protect laptops
pretty much in the same way as a padlock and chain secures a bicycle to
a post.

The usual arrangement is that one end fits into the
security slot on your laptop and the other end is secured to . . . any
suitable anchor point that you can find.

If your laptop does not have a security slot then cables are available that attached using a strong adhesive.

will most probably need to fix the free end of the cable into concrete
to make it in any way secure, there are few alternative suitable options
in the average home.

Although advice is often given to loop the
security cable around items of heavy furniture it would not take a
burglar long to break or cut that furniture.

Note that laptop
security cables provide a measure of security they obviously do not
enclose your laptop in the same way laptop computer safes do.

This means
that even if the thief cannot defeat the cable and make off with your
computer, it’s possible he could smash open the case and help himself to
components containing your data.

Securing Laptop Computer Safes.

The best way of securing safes is by bolting them to masonry, metal or timber.
As with all home safes, holes are provided in the back or the base of
the laptop safe so that the bolts cannot be undone when the door is

Safes for laptops are available with digital keypad,
programmable combination and mechanical locking systems.

Some laptop
safes are provided with cable access slots so you can charge your
computer while it is stored securely.

There are software programs available that will report the location of the laptop or tablet as soon as it goes online.  The software is often very useful in recovering stolen laptops, but it is far better not to risk the device being stolen in the first place.

Protect your laptop and the data
it contains.


Laptop Safes.

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