Home Wall Safes – Good protection for your valuables.

Home Wall Safes : Good Protection For Your Valuables.

Home wall safes, part of your home security.

Pictures, paintings, photographs, tapestries, mirrors,
calendars and the like can be hung over wall safes to hide their

This can be seen in countless old black and white movies, the
painting covering up the wall safe is almost always a copy of The
Laughing Cavalier.

You would think that burglars would have cottoned on to this ruse
by now, perhaps they have, be wise, choose a different painting.

To be serious, it isn’t going to take a burglar long to discover a safe hidden under a painting.

If he thinks that your home is the kind that has a wall safe he is
going to take a peek behind anything hanging on your walls, even that
picture of your mother-in-law.

It will be best to be a little inventive in order to beat
the burglar.

You could place a heavy piece of furniture in front of your
hiding hole; this may throw the housebreaker off the scent.

Other ways of hiding home wall safes include slide out wall
panels and setting the coffer behind a stone fireplace, a couple of the
stones lifting out to reveal the safe.

As well as discovering your place of concealment, the burglar
will need the necessary safe-breaking skills.

While it is true that
even quality home safes do not take the skill or effort needed to crack a
bank vault, the casual housebreaker is unlikely to attempt it.

The typical wall mounted safe is bolted to the inside of your wall from inside the safe, this means that Mr. Burglar cannot get to the bolts when the door is shut and locked.

Home wall safes are available with a variety of locks, key
operated locks, combination locks, biometric locks, some with a mix of
locking devices to vex the thief. Here are the Best Home Fire Safes and Best Home Wall Safes.

There are walls and there are walls.

The average wall in the average home is not very thick, unless
your home is somewhere like the Tower of London.

Therefore wall
safes tend not to be too deep and so are not suitable for bulky items. They accommodate documents and cash very well though and also jewelry,
unless your jewelry is the Crown Jewels in which case you probably do
live in the Tower of London.