Diversion Safes : Soda can safes, stash hideaway

Diversion Safes.

Are Diversion Safes Little More Than Gimmicks?

secret place to hide your folding stuff and perhaps an item or two of

A secret place that looks just like a can of soda, a beer can, a
spray can or perhaps a can of dog food.

Who would think of looking

Surely a burglar would not think you could hide your money in a Dr. Pepper can. Would he?

Of course he might.

are these so-called soda can safes little more than gimmicks?

they have been around awhile now and an awful lot of people know about
them, including burglars.

It is true that diversion safes have
improved in appearance since the early models. Now you can get very
reproductions of the items you would pick up at the store and
hide your money in them.

Trouble is in order to sell them the
manufactures have to advertise them. So these secret hiding places are
not the best kept secret.

One of the more inventive diverting safes looks like a large bottle of
Aquafinawater (also available as root beer.)

You can see the water top
and bottom, even watch the bubbles rise and fall. You hide your money in
the . . . Well, there you see the problem with advertising these safes,
though it is pretty obvious where the money goes.