Small Home Safes – Compact, Secure and Easy to Hide.

Small Home Safes – Secure and Easy to Hide.

The Benefits of Purchasing Small Home Safes.

When it comes to keeping important items safe within the home, many
homeowners have found purchasing compact home safes to be their best

Of course they could have gone all out and purchased a large
safe, but perhaps did not really need that much space to secure their
most treasured items.

For those that keep a sizable jewelry collection or perhaps a large
stamp collection in their home, then yes, a full size safe probably is a

For everyone else, there are countless advantages to having a smaller safe within the home.

Let’s not include so-called Diversion Safes under the term small home safes.

These diversion gimmicks are not strictly safes at all; they are
hiding places disguised as baked bean cans and such like. Once found by a
burglar, and a burglar can spot them from yards away, they offer no
security at all.

By using the term small home safes we are referring to smaller safes that offer a real degree of resistance to a burglar.

Compact, Secure and Easy to Hide.

The most obvious reason a homeowner would prefer a compact safe is
because of the size. You can put it virtually anywhere in your home
without it taking up a great deal of space.

It can be very annoying to
have an over-sized safe that takes up half your closet when all you need
is a place to store a few treasured possessions and keep them secure.

small safe
A compact home safe may be the best option for protecting your valuables.

An additional benefit to owning a smaller safe is being able to hide
it much easier. When you have a large safe, it can sometimes be
difficult to conceal.

If a burglar does break into your house, a large
safe draws attention to itself quite easily unless well hidden.

Having an easy to hide smaller safe makes it more difficult for burglars to find, thus keeping your valuables more protected.

One thing to keep in mind is that small safes obviously weigh a
good deal less
than their larger cousins do.

It is true that this will
allow you to carry the safe into and out of your house if for any reason
you want to transport it somewhere, but it also makes it easy for a
burglar to make off with it.

A compact home safe may be the best option for protecting your valuables.

Housebreakers often prefer to take safes out of the home if they can.
They take them to a workshop or someplace where they have the equipment
to crack open the safe without the worry of making a lot of noise.

The answer is to ensure that you choose a compact home safe that
can be bolted to the wall, or the floor, through the body of the safe.
The safe then would need to be opened before it could be unbolted and

Of course, these small safes are not only great for use in
houses, they are also ideal for apartments, condos and trucks, even RV’s
and boats.

A typical small burglary safe may be 8 3/4 high x 10 3/4 wide x
10 deep, if that size doesn’t meet your needs perhaps 10 high x 14 3/4
wide x 12 deep does. If what you need is a Fire Resistant Safe you can get those in compact sizes too.

Compact, Secure and Affordable.

Perhaps the final benefit of smaller home safes is the cost. You can obtain many small home safes between $50 and $250.