Driveway Sensor Alarms : Enhancing your security.

Driveway Sensor Alarms

Enhance the Security Of Your Home Using Driveway Sensor Alarms.

If you are looking for a way to increase the security around
your home you should definitely look into driveway sensor alarms.

alarms can be used both to increase security by giving early warning of
unexpected visitors, and to enhance your response and welcome to those
that you are expecting.

When you are going into your local grocery store you deal with sensor technology without even knowing it.

When approaching the entrance or exit from a modern grocery
store, the doors automatically open to allow shoppers to enter or exit
without having to use their hands, which may be pushing carts, pushing strollers or carrying bags of groceries.

The stores are using a radar transmitter that bounces radio waves
off of the floor in front of the door and records the amount of time it
takes for the signal to return.

Driveway sensor alarms employ the same
basic approach to determine when someone enters your driveway.

When you are getting your driveway alarms installed, you will
probably want to put them where your driveway meets the street.

has been proven as the most strategic and effective location to alert
you when automobiles or pedestrians enter your drive.

Sensor alarms can also be employed to warn you when your child
goes near your pool, or an intruder enters your garage, tool shed,
garden shed or summerhouse.
Alarms can be positioned to alert you if
someone tampers with, or approaches your parked motor home or boat.

Driveway Sensor Alarms – Different Types.

There are two broad types of driveway sensor systems to choose
from: Active and Passive.

Passive driveway alarms only require hardware
to sit on one side of the driveway. These sensor alarms take continuous
measurements of the thermal profile of the driveway and alarm when the
profile changes abruptly.

The other type, active sensor alarms, require installing
components on both sides of the driveway, with one component being the
transmitter and the other serving as the driveway sensor alarm’s
receiver or reflector.

Some driveway security alarm systems will trigger an alert
with all movement whether by vehicles, human intruders, large animals
and even quite small pets.

Other systems can be adjusted to ignore your pets and small
wildlife such as foxes, and so cut down on false alarms.

There are
systems that use metal detection technology and will only alert you
about approaching vehicles, needless to say these systems will not
detect prowlers. Also, there are updated versions of the old gas station
hose alert, again these are not much help in warning of prowlers.

Many driveway alarm systems have a volume control so that you may set the volume to the level that suits you, often the means to vary the duration of the alarm signal is also provided. Models are available that emit a choice of siren, buzzer or chimes.

Some sensor alarm units offer the facility to record your own message
and so be warned of intruders in your own voice. You can even record
different messages for different areas.

You could have one sensor set up
with a message alerting you to a vehicle moving up your driveway and
another set to warn you of movement in your back garden.

Many common driveway alarms use radio waves in a manner similar
to the grocery store example mentioned earlier. With this technology,
sensor alarms are set up, and when the radio waves sense movement the
system is activated.

In addition to radio waves, light and ultrasonic
sound may be used in driveway security alarms.

Owners of some sensor units report problems with
direct sunlight triggering false alarms. These problems can usually be
overcome however by giving the unit some shade.

Some driveway sensor alarms even go so far as to alert local
authorities in the event of a driveway intrusion. Such
alarms are going out of style however, since most local police
departments have more important duties to attend to than rushing to a
residence every time a false alarm occurs.

Driveway Sensor Alarms – a valuable time cushion.

Home security is an increasingly important issue. Whereas most
home security systems will only alert you if somebody is trying to
enter your house, driveway alarms provide a valuable time cushion
by alerting homeowners as soon as someone enters your property.

If you own a business, you may want to utilize sensor alarms to
detect when a customer is entering the premises. This can be useful for
security reasons, but is more often used to ensure fast and efficient
customer service, such as for fast food restaurants that need to know
the moment a customer enters the drive through line.

Driveway alarms can be used in a number of different situations,
and have been proven successful time and time again.

If you are looking
for some added security, or a simple detection device, you will
definitely want to consider driveway sensor alarms.

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