Apartment Security – Live in your apartment safely.

Apartment Security.

Improve your apartment security and live safely.

it comes to burglary and other in-the-home crime, those of us that live
in apartments are perhaps slightly more at risk than those that live in

This is to an extent because your security is not
completely under your own control. Security for the building itself is mainly in the control of the management.

Some multi-occupancy building managers, or owners, treat protecting their tenants very seriously, others do not.

 apartment block
Apartment Security – Apartment or condominium life can be enjoyable, rewarding and safe too if you take some common sense measures for your security.

you feel that the security of your apartment building could be improved
in some way you should not hesitate in pointing this out to the

If, in spite of your repeated efforts to get security
improved, the management does not act you could look for another
apartment complex where apartment security and the well being of
occupants is given a higher priority.

Another reason why apartment
owners, or renters, are at greater risk than house owners is because of
the possibility of intruders wandering around casing the building.

if you know every occupant, you would not know who was a visitor and
who wasn’t.

Entry-phone systems or manned security desks go a long
way to reduce this problem, but some criminals are very inventive and
find a way around such measures.

Neighbors – very effective for apartment security.

Probably the single most effective thing that you can do to improve your apartment’s security is to join, and participate in, neighborhood watch.

Apartment buildings often have their own neighborhood watch groups;
they are not just for streets or blocks.

If your building does not have a
watch – start one! Really, it’s easy, it’s fun and it works.

first step is to inquire at your local police station; you will find
them a tremendous help.

Neighbor looking out for neighbor is vital
for security in an apartment complex. If all the occupants know each
other then it is far easier to spot someone who should not be in the

If your neighbors know what times of the day you are
out, or know when you are away on business or vacation, and they hear
someone moving about inside your apartment they would know that
something is likely amiss.

If they don’t know you or your habits and
they heard noise from your apartment they probably would assume that it
is you.

There are many other ways in which a neighborhood group
can improve apartment security.

Patrols can be organized to make regular
tours of the building and parking lot. Report any suspicious persons to
the police or to the management. Do not place yourselves in personal danger.

watch groups can publish a news bulletin that highlights local crime
and scams that are being carried out in the area. The bulletin can also
pass on tips for improving security.

Also, complaints to the management about shortfalls in apartment
security carry more weight when made by a group of organized tenants,
you can count on it.

Suggestions made by the group for improving
protection will also stand a greater chance of being listened to . . .
and implemented.

Doors . . .

Before you move into your new apartment have the locks on all your doors re-keyed. If you have to shell out for this, so be it, it is not very costly and worth the added apartment security.

You should have a Deadbolt Lock
on your front door. If you can organize it have an arrangement with the
building management that they hold a copy of the key sealed in an

This key is strictly for emergency use only, not for deliveries or the like. This is a more secure arrangement than a master key system.

knock! Do you know who is at your apartment door before you open it?
Don’t rely on a door chain, which can be very easily forced. Install a through the Door Viewer, these little telescope devices let you see who is there and if you don’t like the look of whoever is outside – don’t open up.

sure that the door viewer that you fit has a cover on the inside. This
stops a burglar peeping in to check out if there is anyone at home.

Other things you can do to increase your apartment security.

Always, but always, lock your door when you go out of your apartment.
Do this even if you are just going to the convenience store, to the
laundry room or even just going along the hall.

You only need to
slip out of your apartment for a ‘moment’ and an opportunistic thief can
slip in, steal what he takes a fancy to and slip out again. Get into
the good security habit of always locking your door.


If your apartment is on the ground floor, or your windows are in any way accessible to a thief, close them and lock them whenever you go out.

writing your full name on the entry-phone nameplate, it gives criminals
more information than you want them to know.

Just give your last name
or your last name and initial.

If you live on your own, and feel
particularly vulnerable, you may want to be a little deceptive. Instead
of J. Smith write Mr. and Mrs. Smith or J. and P. Smith.

If you
are going away remember to cancel your newspaper delivery. Ask a
neighbor to pick up and hold your mail for you (those useful neighbors
again.) Never let it be obvious that nobody is at home in your
apartment, security is often a matter of old fashioned common sense.

If you are out of your apartment for long periods, at work, out on the town for the evening, or on a trip – use Timers for your Lights.
These can be set to give a wonderful impression of someone being at
home. Timers are not at all expensive and are quite simple to set up and

Never, never, never buzz anyone that you are not expecting into the building. This is a very old trick in a very old book. Criminals will invent some very plausible reasons to try and persuade you to let them in.

“The Browns at apartment 36 have ordered a Hawaiian Special and they
are not answering, could you do me the favor of letting me in?” Don’t. “I’m from Acme repair and there was an urgent call from 25 would you please let me in?” Don’t.

Advise them to buzz the superintendent. Call the police if you suspect that the person is buzzing each apartment in turn.

Do not hold the door open
for a stranger when you are entering or leaving the building. That
innocent looking stranger could be a master burglar, or worse.

The security of your apartment, and your personal safety and security as an apartment owner or renter is a joint responsibility. Yes, the building management should do everything possible to ensure your apartment security but you must play your part too.

or condominium life can be enjoyable and rewarding, and safe too if you
take some common sense measures for your security. Here are a few more Apartment Security Tips.


Apartment Security

Apartment Security Systems.
Wireless apartment security systems can be installed without upsetting your landlord.