How To Make the Burglar’s Life Easier.

Top Ten Ways to Make the Burglar’s Life Easier.

If you are honest Ms. or Mr. Citizen who spends far to many hours of
the week toiling away in a job that you don’t much care for, please
spare a thought or two for the burglar.

Remember that whilst you
have to discipline yourself to get out of your bed at a cruel hour, make
that torturous commute into work and a worse commute home again and
suffer the time between as the slave of a corporation, the poor burglar
has none of that.

Mr. Burglar has to make his own decision as to when to tip himself
out of bed.

He does not enjoy a demanding boss breathing down his neck
and does not have the privilege of paying a large slice of his income in

But you can do so much more for the burglar than just
feel sorry for him. There are many ways that you can help the burglar
out and make his life a whole lot smoother.

Here are the top ten ways to make the burglar’s life easier.

1) Leave doors and windows unlocked when you go out. This will
really help the burglar out, it saves him the bother of having to force
his way into your home.

Citizens often do this when they estimate that
they will only be away from their homes for a few moments, perhaps
slipping out to the store.

No matter, the burglar will be very grateful,
it only takes those few moments for him to slip into your home and help
himself to your possessions.

 burglar image
There are many ways to make the burglar’s life easier.

2) Don’t join Neighborhood Watch. The concept of neighbor watching out for neighbor
makes the burglar’s task extremely difficult if not impossible.

It is
better if you don’t care a thing about your neighbors or their
properties, and they care nothing for you. That way there is less chance
of concerned eyes making the burglar’s life difficult.

3) Don’t take steps to disguise the fact that you are away on a trip.
When you go on vacation forget to cancel the papers, let the mail pile
up and do not arrange for someone to keep your lawn trimmed.

Give the
burglar as many clues as possible that your home is temporarily vacant,
he will think the world of you for it.

4) Hide your spare key. Burglars love this game. You discover a neat place to Hide Your Spare House Key;
the burglar then discovers where you hid it.

Don’t worry that the thief
won’t find the key, thieves are experts at finding the hiding places
you think won’t be found.

5) Let your garden become overgrown. The more tall bushes,
hedges and shrubs there are the better. The burglar loves cover and
shadows that shield him from prying eyes.

nightvision image of a burglar
nightvision image of a burglar

A nice thick tree in front of
your window would be considered a bonus. And if you want to erect a high
fence or wall in front of your home go ahead.

Don’t fret that the
housebreaker won’t be able to climb over, he will with little trouble,
but once on the other side he won’t be seen.

6) Don’t fit good quality external doors and locks. Solid core doors, secured with quality locks and Deadbolts, properly
fitted in a strong frame are a no-no. The burglar likes to use just one
kick to get through your door making as little noise as possible.

with windows, whatever you do don’t replace those flimsy latches with Quality Window Locks.

Protecting your home with strong doors and windows secured with quality
locks, could be enough to make a burglar reject your home and look for
an easier target, you wouldn’t want that.

7) Alarm systems and the like. The same advice applies for Alarm Systems and
surveillance systems as does for security locks.

Don’t employ such
things if you want to give the burglar an easy life. Again you run the
risk of the thief passing your home up in favor of a less protected

8) Don’t light up the exterior of your home. Put yourself
in the burglar’s shoes for a moment. Which house would you pick to try
to break in to?

The house that has effective Outside Security Lighting with
no dark places in which to hide and work? Or, the home that is bathed
in dark shadows and little risk of being spotted by neighbors or passers

9) Don’t security mark your valuable items. Security Marking
won’t hinder the thief in stealing your stuff but think of this . . .
The burglar doesn’t usually steal things for his own use but to sell
them on.

If you security mark your valuables the poor chap may have a
hard time disposing of them. Also, in some instances, security marking
property may assist in securing a conviction of the thief and you would
not want him deprived of his liberty.

10) Do leave things lying around that could be useful to the burglar.
Thoughtfully leave your ladder out in the backyard; it’s so handy for
the housebreaker to use to climb in an upper floor window.

garden spade left out for the burglar’s use makes an excellent pry-bar.
If you have a shed full of garden or other tools leave it unlocked or
use a flimsy padlock.

Even if our burglar friend doesn’t use the tools
to break in to your home he can always steal the tools.

There are, of course, many other ways to make the burglar’s life
easier. But even if you only use some of the above top ten tips you will
go a long way to make a burglar a very happy bunny.


Top Ten Ways to Make the Burglar’s Life Easier.

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