Barbecue and a Burglar.

Barbecue and a Burglar.

by T

Never again will I leave a window open and unlocked when I leave the house. We now have windows that you can leave open just a crack and they are locked tight.

We were enjoying a barbecue at a neighbors, just three homes along from our house. Mostly enjoying that is. What spoiled it, and caused us to leave early was our hosts three poodles. The other guests were throwing the dogs morsels from the barbecue, this was causing them to yap for more. Is there anything more irritating than a poodles yap?

Anyhow, we left only to find that we had an unwanted visitor while we were at our neighbors. He, I think it safe to assume it was a him, must have darted in taken my purse, a radio and a few other things, and left quickly.

We had left a window open at the front of the house. My husband makes me responsible for that window because I was the last to leave, it was just a few minutes after him. I say nuts. He should have checked the windows also.

Now we have these new windows and we leave them locked whether open a crack or closed. This way there is no chance of us walking out and giving a S.O.B burglar an easy entry into our home.

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Nov 08, 2011

A thief will use that window

by: crib

That’s the story. Leave a window open and a thief will find his way thru it. They cruise around just looking out for a handy open window and when they see one they wait their moment and they’re in your house.

Jul 08, 2010

close up everything.

by: Anonymous

Hello to you. Don’t think you are the only ones. We were robbed when we were at a neighbors house down the block.

I guess that we thought it not worth it to close everything up as we were going to be so close to home. We know better now though.

Apr 27, 2010

No more than ‘just a crack’.

by: Martin (Editor)


Thank you for sharing your burglar story with us.

I don’t think there is any point to your husband and yourself blaming each other for leaving the window open. What’s done is done. Good for you for taking measures to reduce the chances of it happening again.

I like the sound of your new windows. Be sure though that they are left open no more than ‘just a crack’. Burglars can get into pretty small places, sometimes children are used.

Be sure also that there is no chance of a burglar using a pole device to slip through the crack and slip the latch on an external door.

Martin (Editor)

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