Garage Door Monitor : Know your garage door is closed.

A Garage Door Monitor On Guard.

Garage Door Monitor : Be sure you’ve closed that garage door.

It was not the best of workdays, when is it ever? The commute home was not so much a drive but more a gladiatorial combat.

Finally you make it home, sweet home. Up the drive, car in the garage,
you in the house with coffee, good strong coffee in your hand.

Eat. Chores. Relax, flop out in front of the box until it is a battle to keep your eyes open and you are bored with the nonsense you are watching anyway.

Time for bed.

Upstairs, you are more than ready to hit the sack. A question pops into your mind. “Did you close that garage door?”

Of course you did, didn’t you?

You are not sure whether you did close that garage door or not. You are whacked; you have to go back downstairs and into the cold and wet just to check. Rats!

A different story if your garage door had a monitoring device. A quick check of the device and you would know the state of your garage door, you would know whether you had closed it or not.

Garage Door Monitor : More than a gimmick.

There are two parts of a garage door monitoring system. The small sensor
is fitted to the door and detects if it is open or closed.

receiver/indicator picks up a signal from the sensor and tells you, by
way of colored LED’s and perhaps a beep, the current state of your
garage door – It’s open, or it’s closed.

garage door cartoon

With some garage door open monitor examples, the indicator unit plugs into a wall outlet. You will want to install it wherever you are most likely to notice the lights flashing.

With other models, the small battery powered indicator unit is portable, so it can be with you wherever you are in the house.

If you have more than one garage, most models will support several sensors with just the one receiver. This will tell you if any of your garage doors are open, but not which one.

Not that it matters which one, you have still got to go out and close it.

A least one model does more than monitor the state of your garage door. Working in conjunction with your garage door operating system, it will close the door after a set time should you have left it open. The receiver/indicator gives you reassurance that it has worked.

“Is a garage monitor that important to the security of my home?”

While it is perhaps not the most vital tool in keeping your family and home safe and secure, a garage door monitoring unit is more than just a gimmick.

Aside from your car, your garage almost certainly contains many items that you don’t want to lose.

are all your car maintenance tools and equipment, DIY tools, all those
bicycles one for each family member, sports and camping gear and all the
kids’ paraphernalia.

If your garage is an integral part of your
home, or is attached to it, and has a connecting door right into your
home, then you have an even more important reason to be certain your garage doors are in fact closed.

So alright, you are fully aware that it is not at all good to leave your garage with the door open. That’s why you worry whether you have closed it or not.

And that’s how garage door monitoring helps.

It will not in itself keep intruders out of your home. What it will do is stop you worrying on those occasions when you just can’t remember if you closed up your garage or not.

It will save you the hassle of going outside to check, because you will not stop that worrying, nagging doubt if you don’t, only to find out, once you are out there, that you did close it after all.


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