Complete Surveillance Systems – Inclusive Protection

Complete Surveillance Systems – All Inclusive CCTV Camera Packages To Protect Your Home And Family.

It pays to make sure that any complete surveillance systems that you are contemplating purchasing, really are complete.

Do they arrive with nearly everything you need? They should do if
described as complete.

Why nearly everything and not absolutely everything? We shall examine that point.

The package should contain a method of capturing images, recording
and playing back.

Any packages that lack any of those essentials would
not be complete surveillance systems.

To make the set up even more effective
against burglary, or other intrusion, it would be good if there was some kind of alarm included with the system.

There rarely is.

It is assumed that you already have an alarm system protecting your home. If an intrusion alarm was included with a surveillance camera system it would be redundant in that case.

And of course, not including an alarm makes the price of the system more attractive and it is still complete as far as surveillance is concerned.

You will not find many home surveillance systems that include a monitor either. This is because most will display video footage through your TV set and or, your desktop PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

There are many advantages of viewing security video through your PC.

If you live in a larger than average home or if you need to run a camera out further than standard, it may be that you will need a little more cable than is supplied to set up your system.

You may need a non standard mounting bracket for a particular camera installation.


Naturally, any complete surveillance systems that you contemplate
will have enough channels and cameras to cover your existing needs.

what if your needs change? Is the system expandable? Can you add extra

With a growing family you may have an extension to your
home built. Or you may discover a ‘blind spot’ after you have installed
the system. Will you be able to run an additional camera?

The Advantages Of Complete Home Surveillance Systems.

The up front advantage of buying a complete system over
buying components separately, is that you know that everything works

The cameras will be compatible with the DVR, all cables,
adapters and connectors marry up and the whole system is integrated.

benefit of a CCTV system that is made to go together is ease of
installation, saves you work, time and frustration.

Thirdly, as a nice
bonus, a complete surveillance package may well save you money over buying all the components separately.

Some more questions to ask yourself when evaluating complete surveillance systems.

Can video footage be viewed on a PC only or can it also be viewed on a Mac?

complete surveillance system

Is the system capable of sending text alerts and/or real time video to any smart phone, and if not, is the smartphone that you have capable of receiving them?

Is the system capable of recording in color if that is important to you?

Do the cameras only operate when motion – for example the movement of a burglar – triggers them, and so ensuring there is little danger of running out of recording space?

Are the cameras that are supplied all weather, outdoor quality night and day cameras?

Is the date and time of day incorporated into the video footage, allowing you to easily find incidents?

Does the system have multi-monitor capability if you need it?

Is both an installation manual and an operational manual provided and are they comprehensive enough for you?

Is technical support provided? Is that support 24/7? How is that support provided?


Complete Surveillance Systems.


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