Night Vision Security Camera : Protection 24/7.

A Night Vision Security Camera
Gives Around The Clock Protection.

A Night Vision Security Camera, 24 hr Surveillance For Your Home.

know that most home burglaries occur during day light hours when the
occupants are likely to be out.

But some burglars do operate undercover
of nightfall, and so if you are installing a home security surveillance
system you will need cameras capable of functioning effectively at

It’s your home and family that you are concerned about.

need twenty four hour protection and that’s what a night vision security
camera can give you.

A night vision surveillance camera will provide the clearest nighttime (low light) images when operating in black and white.

and white only cameras are available but the growing trend is for
day/night cameras.

These cameras are able to determine the light level,
by way of a built in sensor, and so operate in color mode in daylight
and automatically switch to black and white when the light level falls.

way you get the best of both worlds, the advantage of the detail of
color for daylight images and the clearest possible images shot at

To install cameras that are only good for day surveillance would be like
employing a security guard who goes off shift when the sun goes down.

Some night surveillance cameras feature motion detectors so they are only recording when there is movement near your home.

For cameras that are not equipped with this feature you can use separate detectors.

If you have Outside Security Lighting, which
is a good idea to have, you can rig up detectors so that both your
camera and lighting activate when motion is detected.

The burglar is
bathed in light and therefor likely to be scared off, and you have
captured very clear images of him with your night vision camera –

Get The Right Night Vision Security Camera For Your Needs.

Cameras for night vision are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

It would be folly to obtain a night security camera for use outside if
it has been designed for indoor use.

A camera fixed outside your home
needs to be weatherproof, it will need to cope with rain, snow, dust and
the effects of the sun, an indoor night security camera installed
outdoors simply would not last.

These days Infrared Security Cameras
are very affordable and there is a wide range available to the

An infrared security camera makes use of light from a region
outside of visible light and so can produce clear images in very low
light conditions. You can usually see the infrared diodes around the
lens of the camera.

Night Surveillance, Easy To Set Up.

Most home security cameras are virtually plug ‘n play, plug the camera
in to your TV, computer with video input, or your VCR and you can record
or view images immediately. Some operate via an interface that plugs
into the video input.

Manufacturers tend to get bogged down in presenting technical terms and
jargon when describing their products.

You do need to look for the
details of what the night vision security camera will actually do when
making your choice.

Of course you need a clear understanding of what you
require, but with the range available you will likely find it.

tip. Manufacturers usually give the range that their camera will
capture usable images within. Take these ranges with a pinch of salt.

The ranges given are possible under ideal conditions, so it may be wise
if, for example, you need your camera to provide clear images up to a 80
ft range to go for a camera with a 100ft range.

Installing a night vision security camera makes sense, your home and family needs protection round the clock.


Night Vision Security Cameras.

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