Home Surveillance Cameras – Eyes upon your property

Home Surveillance Cameras – Eyes Guarding Your Home.

Home Surveillance Cameras – The Advantages And The Benefits.

You are security conscious. You have gone to some considerable effort to
harden your home against intruders in order to protect your family and

You have ensured that your home looks uninviting to a burglar.

Good locks are fitted to all doors and windows and you make sure that these locks are used.

You have also installed a quality home security alarm.

Is there any need for you to consider installing home surveillance cameras?

A camera does not prevent someone entering your home like a lock

A camera does not scare away intruders like an alarm does, nor
does it alert the police like a monitored alarm does.

Are there in fact any advantages in installing CCTV surveillance?

Perhaps the most under appreciated advantage of surveillance
cameras is that they make a superb visual deterrent when installed
outside your home.

Often the mere fact that you have cameras guarding your home puts burglars off making an attempt to break in to your property.

In the same way that most burglars would rather not have to try
to overcome an alarm, they would not want to be seen by security

The burglar can find many other homes that do not have surveillance systems so why should he put himself at extra risk?

home surveillance camera

It does not always work that way of course, some criminals will
burglarize your property regardless of your security measures.

the visual deterrent factor often plays a big part in the value and
effectiveness of home surveillance.

In some circumstances however, you
may prefer that your Home Security Cameras are Hidden.

Home surveillance CCTV has grown in popularity because advances
in technology means that cameras are more affordable, effective and

Coupled with a recording device these cameras can keep watch
on any activity outside, or inside your home and record any attempt to
break in or other unwanted activity.

Home Surveillance Cameras – Keeping Watch When You Are Not.

Many of us have to leave our homes unoccupied for many hours each
day. If we have to go out into the world to earn a crust, then the time
away from home can be quite substantial.

Then there are vacations. And business trips.

Remote Surveillance Cameras can let you know what is happening at home, wherever you happen to be.

You can be alerted instantly when there is any movement in your
’empty’ home. Or you can check up at any time, and from any place, to
see that all is well at home.

Not only can you check whether your home
is being burglarized, but you can see whether your pet is behaving or
not, see what your teenage children are up to, or see if those building
contractors are getting on with the job they are meant to be doing.

Surveillance Day And Night.

You need 24 hour surveillance. There would be little point in installing
home surveillance cameras that are good for recording in daylight only.

dome camera
Dome Camera

Outdoor home surveillance cameras should of course, be
weatherproof. They will need to withstand rain, wind, snow and extreme

One option is to install home security lighting along with your CCTV.

Both the lighting and the cameras are triggered by motion detectors.

The intruder moves onto your property, on comes the lights and on come
the cameras. The intruder is both lit up and captured by your recording

An alternative is to use Infrared Security Cameras.

Infrared cameras have no need of an external light source, so no need
for you to install floodlighting. These cameras have the ability to
record in black and white when there is little or no light at all. A
0.0 Lux rating means the camera can record acceptable video quality with
zero light.

There are many models available that record in color during daylight and
automatically switch to infrared black and white at night.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras.

You will need to give considerable thought as to where you are going
to site your outdoor cameras.

Obviously the ideal is to cover all
possible approaches to your home so that a burglar cannot get near
without being caught on camera.

The wider the angle of the lens, the
larger the area the camera is able to cover.

How many cameras you will need outside your home depends upon its
size and layout. You will want to cover the front and back and usually
the sides.

You don’t want to place your outdoor cameras where they can be
easily vandalized or put out of action.

Installing them up high is often
good, but keep in mind that you may to reach them occasionally even if
just to give the lens a wipe clean.

Outdoor home surveillance cameras should of course, be
weatherproof. They will need to withstand rain, wind, snow and extreme

You cannot use security cameras designed to be used inside. Sure
outdoor surveillance cameras cost a little more but their housing is
watertight and they are robustly constructed.

Why Use Security Cameras Inside Your Home?

Your outdoor cameras have already captured images of the burglar
before he got inside. Why then would you want more cameras indoors?

Footage from your indoor cameras may show the burglar in the act
of stealing something. It could prove to be more powerful evidence than
footage of the burglar breaking in.

If the burglar assaults a member of
your family when inside your home the footage may show that, whereas the
assault is unlikely to be captured by an outdoor camera.

Any unwanted behavior inside your home can be recorded.
Babysitter or nanny not looking after your kids properly? The camera
sees it. Your teenagers partying? It is recorded.

Caught On Home Surveillance Cameras – Masked!

But if the burglars are masked, surely identification will be impossible even if they are caught by your surveillance cameras?

Not necessarily so. Sometimes there are clues that can help the
police identify criminals even if they are wearing masks of some kind.

The video record of the clothing they were wearing can be helpful,
especially so if there is something distinctive such as an uncommon

The video evidence can also show an approximation of height and
weight and whether the criminal was left or right handed.

The footage
will also likely show the exact time the burglary took place.

Besides, in a surprisingly high number of cases a burglar will
pull down his mask even just for a moment. If the camera captures that,

Sometimes intruders take off their masks once they are inside. They forget that there may be indoor cameras.

Surveillance Cameras Are A Security Benefit.

Although your best defense against burglary is a security mindset,
there is no doubt that home surveillance cameras are indeed a benefit.
Keeping watch twenty four seven, they are your eyes upon your property
at all times.


Home Surveillance Cameras.