Dummy Security Cameras : Effective or Not?

Dummy Security Cameras.

Are dummy security cameras an effective alternative to installing real cameras?

security cameras are certainly cheaper than the real thing, but . . . the real thing has come down in price considerably in recent years.

Correctly installed imitation home security cameras can make an amateur or casual burglar think twice about breaking into your home.

The more realistic the camera the more effective as a deterrent it will be.

shoddily produced piece of equipment fools nobody. Likewise a fake
camera that resembles an indoor model is unlikely to be a successful
deterrent if installed outdoors.

If you are mounting a dummy
camera on an outside wall it has to look like a real weatherproof model,
well constructed and possibly with a sun visor over the lens.

surveillance cameras are available that are fitted with motion
detectors, they move and pan to follow movement.

Some also have flashing
led lights (to give the impression that the camera is active) and have
adjustable mounting brackets.

Real camera housings are on the market where it is perfectly possible to
convert to a real camera at a later date.

Obviously, real camera
housings will give the most authentic seeming impression of a genuine

security cameras

Genuine or imitation? Will the burglar know?

Take as much care installing your dummy camera as you would
installing the real thing.

It is of no benefit to install an authentic
looking camera and yet make such a poor job of it that any burglar with
an ounce of experience could spot that it is fake at a glance.

these non-operating cameras are referred to as Decoy Cameras and used
within a system that also uses real security cameras.

The decoy
cameras make the set up look more comprehensive and are often sited at
places that a burglar can reach.

If the burglar tries to disable what he
thinks is a functioning camera he is recorded by the real thing.

say that many lawbreakers are dissuaded from breaking into a home
guarded by security cameras. On the occasions where a burglary is
caught on tape, or disc, police report that it’s a large help in making
an eventual arrest and conviction.

Surveillance cameras reduce the risk of burglary by being a visible deterrent.

Dummy home security cameras cannot help in identifying thieves, but if they are authentic looking, they can be as much of a visual deterrent as a real system.


Dummy Security Cameras.

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