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Apartment Security Systems.

Are Renters Allowed to Install Apartment Security Systems?

Apartment dwellers, including renters, are as much at risk
from intruders as anybody else.

Many would feel more secure with the
protection of a home security system regardless of any security measures
that have been put in place by the building’s management.

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Are Renters Allowed to Install Security Systems?
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Are Renters Allowed to Install Security Systems?

Trouble is that in many cases the building’s management will not permit the installation of security systems.

At least that may be the situation with hard-wired systems that
require the drilling of many holes and the running of yards of cable
under floors and behind walls.

Landlords, understandably, do not like renters altering their property in any way.

Wireless systems, on the other hand, require little alteration to
your apartment due to the fact that there is no (or very little) cable
to run.

Because of this your apartment management may allow renters to
install wireless security systems whereas they would refuse

Does a Wireless Alarm System Always Have a Monitoring Fee?

Another plus with a Wireless Alarm is
that it is as easy to uninstall as it is to install.

This portability
means that you can take your alarm system with you (rather than leave it
for the benefit of the landlord) when you move to a better apartment or
a home of your own.

When a burglar sets off a Monitored Alarm System a
signal is dispatched to a central monitoring station.

The station will
then call your home to substantiate if it is a real emergency being
reported or a false alarm.

The monitoring station staff will request a
pass code, should an incorrect pass code be given, or the call remains
unanswered, the police are then notified.

Monitoring incurs a fee, of course, (usually paid monthly) and
you will invariably need to sign a contract agreement for one to five

If you rent an apartment you may not wish to enter an agreement
if there is the possibility that you will move home in the near future.

How then, can you enjoy the protection of a wireless apartment security

There are apartment security systems that are completely wireless but are not
monitored, so no monthly fee and no contract, but they do have many of the
advantages of a monitored alarm system.

These dial-up alarms do NOT call a monitoring station when they are triggered but dial up to four numbers of your choice.

If the system does not receive a response from the first number that you selected, likely your own cell phone, it then dials up the next number, a neighbor or family member perhaps, and works on through your list until somebody answers.

A message, that you have recorded, is then played and you can listen
in to your home through the system and determine if a burglary is taking
place and call the police if necessary.

Wireless dial-up alarms are installed with out any drilling holes or
embedding cables, (no upsetting the landlord,) so many are in use as
apartment security systems.

In fact double-sided tape is included with some, so it
is not even necessary to make screw holes to fit the sensors and

A basic system comes complete with control console and all the
sensors and detectors that you need for a small apartment, if your
apartment is a bit larger you can easily expand the system to
suit with extra sensors and detectors.

Installs in under thirty minutes
and, should you move, uninstalls without ruining the walls of your
apartment. A once only purchase – apartment security with no monthly

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