Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems : More protection, more security.

Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems.

Monitored home security alarm systems offer many advantages to the
homeowner over and above the advantage of an unmonitored system.

A simple home alarm system relies not only on someone hearing the alarm sounding but also upon that someone taking action.

The trouble is that, particularly in urban areas, people are becoming desensitized to the sound of alarm bells or sirens.

“Just another false alarm” is a common reaction and your wailing alarm is dismissed with a shrug of the shoulders and a hope that the noise stops soon.

Far better than alarm only systems, monitored home security alarm
systems are connected to a central monitoring station.

As soon as the
system is triggered a signal is sent to the monitoring station.

The security company’s staff then verifies if a real emergency is
taking place, an attempted break-in, intruder in your premises or, if
your system is set up to detect it, a fire.

Should the monitoring station establish that it is an emergency
the police or appropriate authorities are called and sent to
your home.

Monitored home alarm systems usually include an
audible alarm but do not depend on someone responding to it.

Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems – Monthly Monitoring Fees.

So, with all the advantages of a monitored alarm system why would a homeowner opt to install an unmonitored burglar alarm?

The purchase price of monitored security systems is typically
slightly more than alarm only systems.

But it is the ongoing monthly
monitoring fees that cause some homeowners to hold off getting monitored
protection for their home and family.

The monitoring fees pale into insignificance when compared to the
cost of suffering a burglary
of course, but in these economic times many homeowners are
not in a position to ensure that they will be able to cover the monthly

Voice Dialer Systems.

A way to enjoy most of the advantages of a monitored alarm system but
without paying monitoring fees is to install a voice dialer security

burglar climbing in window

Voice dialer alarms not only sound an alarm when a possible break in to your home is detected but also send pre recorded warnings to a number of cell or standard phones, for example your own cell phone, your office phone and a neighbors phone.

The system dials the numbers in order of priority and whoever
picks up the call first can decide on the action to take.

These dialer
systems do not connect to a central monitoring station and so no monthly
are involved but they do provide most of the protection of
monitored alarm systems.

There are many dialer security systems available from several manufacturers. Both the quality of design and the features the systems offer vary. If you decide that a voice dial up alarm is your best option, choose carefully.

Whether you make your choice from one of the many monitored home
security alarm systems or install a voice dialer set up, you need more
protection than an alarm only.

After all, how would it feel to have your home ransacked by an
intruder and all the time your neighbors are cursing you for your
nuisance alarm?

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A Monitored Home Security System.
The perfect solution? Nothing is perfect of course but a monitored home security system sure comes close to being the ideal solution to a homeowner’s security needs.