Perimeter Security : Surround your home with security.

Home Perimeter Security.

If we pay attention to perimeter security we add a layer of defense even before an intruder attempts to break in to our home.

securing our home limited to the measures we take to prevent a burglar
entering the building in which we live?

Or should we also deter the
burglar from even setting foot on the land on which our home sits?

Are high walls and fences the answer?

Remember that an agile burglar is capable of climbing over a pretty high wall.

have a wall or fence around your property that is high enough to
prevent someone from scaling it would have to high indeed, that may be
perimeter security but do you want to live behind a wall like that?

you will want your boundary wall or fence to conform with the height of
your neighbors walls and to fit in with what is normal in your
immediate locality.

Regardless of security considerations you will not want your home to stick out like a sore thumb.

A perimeter wall does not have to be so high as to be un-scalable to deter an intruder.

A wall says “This is the line.”

A burglar will not want to be seen climbing over, even if the wall can be climbed easily.

the thing, as long as there is a chance of the burglar being observed
entering your property – – a climber is obviously up to no good – – then
your your wall has a security benefit.

railings with spikes

“Railings can be attractive, can be seen through and can provide effective security for your perimeter.”

I Can’t See Through Your Perimeter Security Fence!

If your neighbors and passers by cannot see through your fence they cannot see intruders.

A solid wall or fence may give you privacy, but it hides the burglar too.

slated fence, on the other hand, serves as a boundary but also means
that anyone in your garden or yard can be seen, burglars don’t like to
be seen.

Iron railings can be very decorative, can be seen
through, and can have finials or spikes on top, (if local laws allow.)
Metal railings can make very good home perimeter security.

legal to do so
, you can affix a strip of up pointing nails, or cement
broken glass on top of your wall, or top it with razor wire.

these things are not visually pleasing around a residential property.
Plus, someone with a legitimate reason, or claiming to to have a
legitimate reason, for having their hands on top of your perimeter wall
could possibly take legal action for injury.

Consider fixing a flimsy wooden trellis to the top of your wall or

Why flimsy? Because any attempt by an intruder to climb over will
break the trellis. Not only will this likely result in the intruder
falling, it will make an audible ‘crack’ serving as an alarm.

are designed for climbing plants, of course, and if your climbing
plants happen to be thorny . . .

A fence to the front of your property needs a gate, either a stand
alone garden gate or a gate across your driveway.

No gate across your
drive? Then a fence or wall is not going to do much for your home
perimeter security.

razor wire
Razor wire, not visually pleasing around a residential property.

A gate that is shut but not locked does help in keeping out intruders, together with a fence, it does draw that important line.

if it is practical for you to keep your gate locked when there is no
one at home. If the mailman does not need to walk to your front door it
may be possible. You could also consider an electronic gate and intercom system.

is crunchy. A gravel drive, and gravel paths around your home, will
mean the intruder is going to make at least some noise. It may be just
enough for you to be aware of his presence if you are at home. Your
neighbors are not likely to hear it though.

I’m Not Allowed a Perimeter Security Fence!

No boundary fencing permitted in your locality? Open plan living?
Nothing much you can do about that, but you can protect your perimeter
in other ways.

Whether or not you have a perimeter security fence, outdoor security cameras will deter many an intruder.

Most homes are burgled during daylight hours, however night time intrusions still occur. Outside security lighting will provide good security for your perimeter and is fairly simple to install.

burglar will take into account certain things when targeting a home –
how difficult will it be to break in, how long will it take and can he
break in without being observed.

Good home perimeter security
foils the burglar on all three counts, makes it harder for him to burgle
your home, slows him down and makes it more likely he will be observed.


Perimeter Security.

Car Key Burglary
One midweek day started just like any workday for Daniel. He
awoke at the usual time, prepared himself for work and rushed a light
breakfast and coffee, all without waking any other members of his
family. From then on the day was not so usual.