Installing A Wireless Home Security System.

Installing A Wireless Home Security System

by Bob Goldsmith.

I am often, well alright
occasionally asked by those who know I have a passion for home security,
if installing a wireless home security system is a difficult procedure.

Of course a procedure that is second nature to one person will be a tricky operation for another.

But really, in comparison with setting up a hard wired home alarm, installing a wireless security system is the proverbial slice of cake.

am going to avoid saying it is child’s play.

Most often when packaging
or advertising says a five year old can do it, I end up wishing there
was a five year old around to do it for me.

Wireless alarm systems
are a dream come true for the do it yourself market and most can be
installed in an incredibly short time.

There are different types
of wireless security systems, the simplest of all are alarm only.

an alarm only system is triggered it simply sounds an alarm to alert you
or your neighbors.

These systems are perhaps the easiest of all to
install, but due to their limitations they are the least effective.

wireless security system
wireless alarm system

At the other end of the scale there are monitored home security systems.

As you will guess, these set ups are monitored by a central monitoring

A great idea, should the system be triggered the monitoring
station determines whether a burglary is taking place, if it is the
authorities are alerted.

Wireless monitored systems are available, but unless you are very
confident you may want to leave installation to the professionals.

any case, often the terms of contract state that these systems have to
be installed by the company’s own technicians.

Then there is middle for diddle, the Dial Up Alarms. A dial up alarm
does not contact a monitoring station, instead it sends a warning
message to your cellphone, your office phone or a neighbor’s phone.

unlike a monitored alarm system there is no monthly fee.

What’s the first thing to do when installing a wireless home security system? . . .

. . Read the instructions!

Yes, you have just taken all the component
parts out of the box, it’s exciting. You want to get it installed as
quickly as possible and test it out.

Just by looking at them you
are sure you know what goes where and what to do with this and what to
do with that. And doing that you will probably get most of it right.
But save yourself the hassle of making a mistake, read the

Decide where to put the control panel, this is the
heart of the system.

Most likely you will want to site it near to the
door that you enter and leave your home from. It will be good if it is
near an electrical outlet too. But . . .

. . . you don’t want to
site it where it can be seen by looking in through your window. Why?
Because a burglar could take a peep and know which system you have, that
may help him to beat it.

Install your control panel at a height suitable for everyone who will be using it.

job in installing a wireless home security system is to get your
window and door sensors installed. Not much to this, usually just a
couple of screws in each.

Plan It Out.

Window and door sensors are in two parts, a transmitter and a magnet, it is important that you install them so they line up.

the two are separated, by a burglar opening your window for example, it
trips the alarm.

If practicable, mount the sensors high up on the doors
and windows, less chance of them getting knocked and damaged. But do
follow those manufacturer’s instructions.