A Monitored Home Security System, the perfect solution?

Monitored Home Security System.

A monitored home security system seems like the perfect solution to protect your home from burglars and other intruders.

monitored system does not depend just upon the would-be intruder being
scared off by the alarm sounding, or depend on your neighbors hearing the alarm
and phoning the police.

Neither does it depend only upon getting a
message to your cell phone to alert you of a possible intruder.

Instead the alarm company’s central monitoring station calls your home to establish if it is a real emergency taking place, or just a false alarm.

there is no answer or the correct password is not given, the police or,
depending on the set up, the alarm company’s own security guards are
sent to your address.

The perfect solution? Nothing is perfect of course but a monitored
home security system sure comes close to being the ideal solution to a
homeowner’s security needs.

It might just be the best thing next to
having your own team of security guards constantly protecting your home.

But before you decide that such a system is for you, there are a few things you may wish to consider.

The cost of a monitored home security system.

A monitored home security system does not come cheap. On the one hand
you will feel that anything that helps protect your home and family is
worth what ever it costs. On the other hand you will want to know how
the cost of home security monitoring fits in with your budget.

burglar with mask
If an intruder triggers a monitored system not only does an alarm or siren sound but also a signal is sent to a monitoring station.
 burglar with mask
If an intruder triggers a monitored system not only does an alarm or siren sound but also a signal is sent to a monitoring station.

This is particularly so as such a system almost always involves a monthly, or annual payment.

You will also want to be aware that some cost could be hidden,
or at least not very obvious when you sign up for security monitoring.

receive your 24-hour monitoring you will undoubtedly need to sign a
contract agreement. This agreement could be for as little as one year
but is far more likely to be for three to five years.

Therefore you
absolutely need to understand the contract, and the obligations of both parties, before you sign it.

Read the contract thoroughly and if there is something that you are
not sure of, question the alarm company until you positively do
understand, or seek help from a lawyer.

Do you pay for the hardware and installation?

Generally you do, but in some cases the cost is included within the monthly fee and promoted as a free package. But this free package is dependent upon a long term monitoring contract.

What is included in a basic monitored home security system? Most basic systems are indeed very basic
and would be suitable only for the smallest of homes.

you might get 24 hour monitoring, the control panel (keypad), 3 window
sensors, 1 motion detector, an alarm/siren, 1 key-fob, back up power supply, security stickers and perhaps a yard sign.

will more than likely need more than three door and window sensors, and
one motion detector may be insufficient to protect your home. You may
feel that you would be better protected by a keypad installed at more
than one location in your home.

All these extras would be an extra cost of course, extra for the equipment and quite possibly an increased monthly fee.

A monitored alarm could provide the perfect answer for protecting your family, possessions and home from burglars, other intruders or fire.

Extra too would be pet immune motion detectors, (detectors that are
capable of being set not to be triggered by your little kitty cat,
ferret or bulldog roaming around your mansion,) two way voice
communication with the central monitoring station, glass break sensors, an extended maintenance agreement and monitored smoke and fire detection.

is not too say the protection that monitored security systems
offer is not worth the cost . . .

. . .but you do need to be fully aware of what
that cost is.

Installation of home security monitoring.

Install it yourself wireless home security with monitoring is
available, but it is more usual for the security company to install your
monitored system (wireless or hardwired.)

long it takes to install your system will depend upon the size of your
home, the structure of your home, the equipment that you have selected
and whether you chose a wireless or hardwired monitored system.

  • Home security monitoring could
    provide the perfect answer for protecting your home, family and
    possessions from burglars, other intruders and fire.
  • Spend some time deciding what level of protection your home needs. How
    many windows and doors need sensors? How many motion detectors do you
    need? Do you need two way voice communication?
  • Be sure of how much your monitored home security system will cost you.
    Know exactly what you are committing too, how long your contract is for
    and the obligations of both yourself and the security company.

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Monitored Home Security System.

Do It Yourself Security System.
do-it-yourself home security system can give you a tremendous level of
protection depending on what you have in the system. You can go far
beyond basic motion detectors and window sensors.