Alarm Phone Dialer : Protection without monitoring fees

Alarm Phone Dialer.

A burglar alarm phone dialer provides you with most of the benefits of a monitored system, but does not tie you to recurring monthly fees.

Would you feel better protected, and more secure, with a home alarm system that does more than merely sound an alarm if someone attempts to break in?

Whilst it is true to say that any burglar alarm is better than none, a
system that relies totally on a siren has a big weakness.

What if no one hears the siren?

What if no one takes any action even if they do hear it?

Sure your neighbors are good folks, but they may all be out for the day, or keeping warm with all their insulated windows closed.

Will there be passers by that hear your alarm? Maybe, but whether they think that your siren sounding is any of their business or not is a different question.

Yes, a siren by itself is better than nothing but it sure leaves a lot to be desired.

Wouldn’t it be far better to be protected by a system that automatically informs someone when a burglary attempt is being made on your property?

There are two types of home alarm that can do that, a fully monitored system or a burglar alarm phone dialer.

A Centrally Monitored Alarm System.

If you have a monitored alarm system installed in your home, when an intrusion attempt is detected a signal is sent to a central monitoring station.

home interior
home interior

An alarm phone dialer can protect your home without the burden of recurring payments.

The station’s staff will make certain checks, and if it is determined that it really is an emergency the authorities are notified.

That’s a heck of a lot better than depending only on a siren.

With such a system it does not matter if someone hears your alarm, and takes action, or not.

There are however a couple of downsides to a fully monitored home alarm system.

The staff of that monitoring station has to be paid, and the upkeep of the building and communication equipment has to be paid for too. It’s the customer that foots the bill by way of a monthly monitoring fee.

The fee varies from alarm company to alarm company but whatever the amount, the customer has to find it each and every month. The customer is usually bound by a fixed term contract.

For many homeowners, that monthly monitoring fee on top of house
payments, car payments and other expenses that have to be met each
month, means that a monitored alarm is out of the question. That’s a

Naturally, for those that can comfortably afford the fee, a monitored home alarm can give great peace of mind.

An alarm dialer is a more affordable alternative to a siren only system.

How Will An Alarm Phone Dialer Protect My Home?

With an automatic phone dialing alarm you have all your windows and external doors protected by sensors. You can also place movement detectors around your home.

If someone tries to force a window or a door, or walks within the field of a detector, then a phone call is automatically made. This is very similar to the way a monitored alarm system protects your home.

The important difference is, the call does not go to a central monitoring station. The call goes to the first number on a list that you have entered into the auto dialer.

No monitoring station, no monitoring fee each month.

Almost certainly you will want the first number to be
contacted to be that of your cell phone.

That way wherever you are you
can be immediately alerted if something triggers one of the detectors or
sensors in your home.

Should you have your cell phone switched off, (you may be at a
meeting or at the theater for example,) a call will be made to the next
number on your alarm phone dialer call list. That could be your spouse, a
suitable close neighbor or a good friend.

If they do not answer, the next number is contacted.

suitable close neighbor is always a good choice. If they are at home
they may be able to observe what is happening on your property, and can
tell the authorities what they can see.

Naturally you should get the permission of any of your neighbors or
friends before you add them to the call list of your security auto

You will want to make them fully aware of what they are required to do should they get an alert.

Let them know you don’t want them to put themselves at risk.

The length of the emergency message that you able to record varies from system to system, most are around the 30-second mark. That’s long enough for a clear concise alert.

At least one system though, only allows for a 6 second message, which is a bit on the short side but still enough for a very concise warning.

It is ideal if all those on your call list hear your recording in advance of an emergency and know what to expect.

Can these alarms be set to phone the police directly?

Maybe, but check
with your police department first, most will not allow it.

a call is made about a suspected burglary, the police need to ask
questions such as ” Are the intruders still on the premises? ” They
can’t ask a recorded message questions.

If your local police do allow
calls from auto dialer alarms, they may have a dedicated number to be

What Do You Get With The System?

If you already have a wireless alarm system you may be able to add in a compatible auto dialer.

is a simple way to upgrade an alarm that just triggers a siren in the
event of intrusion, into one that alerts you of the situation no matter
where you are.

Very inexpensive stand alone alarm dialers are available that have a built in motion detector.

These work very well in protecting one single area, and may satisfy your requirements if you live in a one-room apartment. But of course they are not designed to protect larger homes.

do you get with your alarm phone dialer? That depends on the particular
system of course. Most usually the system will have the auto dialer, a
control panel, a keychain remote, a number of detectors and sensors and
possibly an (internal) siren.

It’s a good thing these systems
are expandable because, almost certainly there will not be enough motion
detectors and window/door sensors to protect your whole house.

burglar with crowbar
burglar with crowbar

With some systems you only get enough for one door and a couple of windows, so be prepared to purchase extra.

The siren, if supplied, will be of indoor quality, not weatherproof or suitable for mounting outside.

It should be loud enough to wake you if a burglar attempts a break in while you are sleeping, but unlikely to be loud enough to alert your neighbors unless they are very close, your walls are very thin and the wind is in the right direction.

Optional external quality sirens are available for some systems. Remember though that the beauty of an alarm phone dialer system is that you are not dependent on someone hearing a siren.

With a few models you have the ability to listen in on your home when you receive an alert, this could better help you to determine if a break in is happening or not.

Should you leave home and forget to set your alarm, some systems provide the ability to phone in and set it.

Would you like to be warned of more than burglary attempts? With some auto dialers you can add smoke and temperature sensors so you can be warned of a fire at your home. Likewise you can add sensors that detect flooding.

These systems not only vary in the features they offer, they also vary in quality. You don’t get a Cadillac at Ford prices.

In general, depending on the complexity of the system, an alarm phone dialer is pretty simple to install. Most usually these systems are wireless operated, that means that you do not need to tear your home to pieces and run yards of cabling.

By and large you just follow the instructions supplied with the system and you are set to go. Because a wireless alarm is so simple to install, when you move home it is also an easy job to uninstall and take it with you.

An auto alarm . . .

  • Only requires a simple DIY installation.
  • Can be installed without ripping your home apart and burying cables.
  • Not dependent on someone hearing the siren and taking appropriate action.
  • Sends a warning alert to several phone numbers of your choice.
  • Protects your property day and night, whether you are at home or away.
  • No monitoring fees to meet each month.
  • No registration charge.
  • No installation charge.
  • You are not tied in to a long-term contract with an alarm phone dialer.

Alarm Phone Dialer.