Home Security Cameras : Surveillance for your home.

Home Security Cameras – Surveillance For Your Home

Why Install Home Security Cameras When You Have An Alarm System?

ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.

is why it’s important to consider installing security cameras –
even if you already have an alarm system guarding your home.

blue security camera
blue security camera

Some home owners may feel they do not need the addition of security
cameras for the home.

They may reason that cameras cannot prevent a burglar
from breaking in.

But there are other reasons, often overlooked, why surveillance cameras may be desirable.

Home Security Cameras as a Visual Deterrent.

If there is one thing that home surveillance cameras do well that thing is providing a visual deterrent.

a burglar sees a surveillance camera he knows what he is looking at, he
knows that his actions may be being watched and recorded.

As a homeowner you have to consider what things make a burglar mark a
home as a potential target.

The main considerations for most burglars
are – how difficult would it be to break in, and how likely it is that
he will be caught.

he sees your security camera the thief is likely to cross your home off
of his list. After all there are many more homes, perhaps without a
surveillance system, for him to target.

While an alarm system by itself will definitely deter thieves looking
for easy access, a camera can provide the extra security precaution needed.

are aware that alarm systems may not be turned on, and some know how to
bypass them.

When used in combination with one or more home security
cameras however, the would be intruders realize that even if they are
successful in the break in, that they will be able to be identified if

Not very many people will decide to risk breaking in, risk bypassing the
alarm system, risk getting caught on camera and having it all on tape.

This is where the visual deterrence comes in. By seeing one camera, the
bad guys may wonder whether there are hidden cameras as well.

Home Security Cameras for Live Surveillance.

Homeowners can choose to use a camera to connect to real time
surveillance over the Internet. This allows the opportunity to take
immediate action if something questionable is happening.

With the use of appropriate software, remote security surveillance cameras can
survey what is happening in your home from any place in the world.

can receive alerts whenever movement is detected in your empty property
and view live pictures on your laptop or office computer.

Surveillance When You Are Not at Home.

Even when not there, the homeowner can rest assured that there will be a
history available of what has gone on in the vacant home. In the
event of a break in, the investigating officers may be able to use the
surveillance tape to get an identity on the intruder.

Depending on the camera’s resolution, the image can range from grainy
to very clear.

The time stamp on the video will also give good
information, and will provide evidence for filing insurance claims.

teenagers at home can also be a worry for some parents. By having at
least one residential security camera, parents are able to monitor
children even when they are away.

This may deter uninvited guests, unauthorized parties, or the breaking of curfews.

C.C.T.V. in operation

Surveillance When You Are at Home.

Having home surveillance cameras installed does not mean their use has to be restricted to when you are not at home.