Don’t give out a key.

Don’t give out a key.

by Jan


This really is just a warning not to give out a key to anybody, and I do mean anybody.

I trusted him. Why I trusted him does not stand up to reason because I had only known him a little more than a month. Most nights he stayed here. Often when I made it home from the office he would be waiting at my door for me, so I gave him a key, so he could wait inside with a coffee.

As always happens the harmony started to fade, he showed less often and when he did show it was often with several drinks inside him. Then the break up.

I asked him for the key only once. Not wanting him to think that I still held an interest I did not pursue its return. Then arriving home I discovered things missing. There was no evidence at all of somebody breaking in.

It had to have been only him. Opinion will be that I report it, but no. Which is worse, the “burglary” or the broken trust?

Lock has been changed of course. Never give out a key.

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Mar 14, 2009

Keep your keys!

by: Anon

Yeah you should report that S.O.B. By now he has probably pulled that stunt dozens of times.

Don’t under any circumstance give your key to anyone, that is asking for trouble.

Nov 04, 2008

Make that report.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Jan,

Sorry to read of your troubles.

You are correct, most people would say that you should report the burglary. And that is just what I’m going to say. Please note, you will be reporting the burglary, not your former boyfriend (who sounds like a worthless heel.)

Deep down you know that he will do it again – make that report. Good that you have now changed that lock, don’t give out keys.

Martin (editor)

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