Burglary Story : Walked right out my door.

Burglary Story : Walked right out my door.

by JH

They say that he, the burglar, most likely banged on the front and side doors to assure himself that there was no one at home. Then he got himself around the back and making use of a rain butt opened up a bedroom window.

He took my CD player, several pieces of my wife’s jewelry, not highly expensive but costly enough to replace, and my mother’s silver crucifix. He then let himself out the front door in broad daylight and most likely drove away or was driven away.

I sure am glad as anything that my wife was not home alone because she sometimes will not answer the door if no one is expected.

We were insured, but were not able to get much of a settlement, who is surprised? It seems that we should have had the jewelry insured separately!

I have to admit that I was taking chances with the catches that we had on every window. I knew that they were only catches but thought that someone would have to break the glass to get the window open, I didn’t figure that locks would make any difference. As the burglar was able to open the window without breaking the glass it seems I was wrong about the catches. All the catches have been replaced by locks.

The rain butt has been moved too so no one else can use it to get to upper windows. I have lowered some fencing, now there is a clearer view of the rear yard. Although if a thief can walk right out of my door carrying my stuff I doubt that anyone would notice someone skulking around my yard.

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Apr 18, 2009

What about fire?

by: Anonymous

You need to be careful, don’t go and screw shut all of your windows. How do you know that you will never need to use one as a quick fire escape? Use locks that can be opened easy on the inside instead.

Sep 26, 2008

screw them down

by: Anonymous

you can also screw shut any windows that you never open. just leave the venting windows at the top open.

Sep 13, 2008

Consider joining neighborhood watch.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi JH,

Sorry to read about your burglary, thanks very much for sharing the story.

Good for you for replacing those catches with

window locks.

You may also want to consider joining your local neighborhood watch. If there is not one in operation start one. Get your neighborhood involved in watching out for each other.

Martin (editor)

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