Burglary Story : Duke is my security.

Burglary Story : Duke is my security.

by E. Davidson.

I have not had a successful burglary. By which I mean that there have been several attempts to break into my home but no one has yet got in. Not that it means that someone will never get in but they have not so far.

My best secret is my alarm system. It is on the small side, a little scruffy, wags the tail a lot, answers to the name Duke and has quite a bark.

Duke is always on guard when he is at home. I’ve had two attempted night time burglaries when Duke has barked and yapped like crazy and scared the boogers off. Happened in the day too, the barking alerted me to the presence of a feller in the backyard, he went off like a rocket. Police attended but had no luck in apprehending him.

The one drawback to Duke being my alarm system is that I walk him twice a day. Anyone keeping a watch would see us leave and know that there would not be man or dog guarding the place. Some people just let their dogs out to the yard to do their business. I could not do that, Duke is a friend more than he is anything and he looks forward to his walks, I enjoy walking him too. Not that my place is easy to get into when Duke is out. I’m a stickler for locking everything, doors and windows both.

It is a bad sign of the times that you have to worry about someone stealing your stuff, or worse, but that is what you’ve got to do. You can’t take those chances.

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Aug 28, 2009

Walk the dog at different times.

by: Anonymous

Hi, Take your dog out at different times each day ( someone watching.) And don’t stay out for the same amount of time, sometimes come home quick.

Mar 25, 2009

Don’t depend on a dog.

by: Click

Don’t go depending on your dog! There have been lots of cases where the dog has let them walk right in and make themselves at home. And they can toss the dog poison meat.

Dec 13, 2008

Good for Duke.

by: Martin (editor)

Duke sounds like a mighty good alarm system, the only kind of alarm that can keep you company as well as guard your home.

As you note, there are some drawbacks with depending on a guard dog as your only security system. Why not consider a monitored alarm in addition to Duke? Then you will have the best of both worlds.

Martin (editor)

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