Burglary Story : Busted into my room.

Burglary Story : Busted into my room.

by Ted Wignall

I had a room in a building with eight rooms. Mostly just slept there, spent the day at work ate my meals out and in some bar or two in the evening. The door to the building had a security lock but hardly anyone bothered to use it, they would just use the little latch lock or even be dumb enough to go out and leave the door open. I gave up on complaining about it, you just get put down as a moaner.

Coming back at around 9.30 PM the main door was on the latch lock, no surprise at all there. Something was wrong with the lock on my room door, the key would not turn and the lock was loose, with a push the door opened.

I had been burglarized. In fact three of the rooms had been hit. Nobody knew anything or heard anything, so they said. I was very suspicious of a girl who had the room above mine from the way she was acting. She had been in all evening, her partner was out, and said she did not hear anything at all. I don’t suspect that she had involvement but how can you not hear a door being broken at the room below?

It was not long before I was out of that place.

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Jul 27, 2009

Dont give them anything to steal.

by: Anonymous

Best thing when you live somewhere like that is to not own anything worth stealing.

Take your music with you, don’t leave cash or watches behind and if you have to have a TV make it a cheap one.

Feb 01, 2009

cheap room cheap lock

by: Scoot

Ha! 3 rooms busted into and she doesn’t hear a thing! Of course not. What she was not hearing was he crack head boyfriend robbing the rooms that he knew would be empty.

Renting a room is the pits, they all have cheap locks the landlords buy them special. Fit your own lock, Don’t damage the door, the landlord will bitch but ignore, if they throw you out you are no worse off, just get another cheap room with a cheap lock.

Jan 31, 2009

How can you not hear?

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Ted,

Sorry to read about your experience and hope that you are now living somewhere a little more secure.

Renting a room is like living in an apartment block, the main problem being security is not all under your control.

“how can you not hear a door being broken at the room below?” Well, it is possible, she may have had the TV cranked up too loud, or had her iPod jammed in her ears.

Or, a young girl on her own hears something but what does she do? Maybe freezes, hoping that what she is hearing is not what she suspects it is. Then when she finds that it was a burglary, she is ashamed of not taking action (calling the cops) so she claims she did not hear anything.

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