The burglars were watching our house.

The burglars were watching our house.

by J. Rivera.

It is a shock when it happens to you. You do not want to come home to find your home burglarized a second time I can tell you that. That is the reason that we now have a very secure home with a top security system and the best locks.

The burglars must have been watching our house, I believe they call it scoping out, for some time. They knew that we both would be out of the house for three hours minimum, that’s what comes from following a routine but life forces you to do that. Scabby dogs were never caught.

Now if someone were to try and get in both my wife and myself would get a call on our cellphones from our system. Our neighbor would get an alert too and as he has the same system, we get a call if someone attempts to enter his house.

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Apr 24, 2009

Put up some signs.

by: Anonymous

To stop law breakers hanging around checking who is out of the house all day, put up block watch signs. Get as many of your neighbors doing the same. They will not want to hang around an area that they know people give a damn about.

They will go on to a neighborhood where everybody just minds their own business.

Mar 28, 2009

Some things are outside of our control.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi J.,

Thank you very much for sharing your burglary story.

You are right when you say that life can impose a routine upon us, some things are outside of our control.

Good that you have updated your security, and your dial-up alarm system will serve you well. If you and your neighbor watch each others homes that is also good protection against burglary.

Martin (editor)

Aug 04, 2009

Do not ignore them.

by: Barry

My friend had the same thing. Two guys watching his house all day. What did he do? just ignored them.

Kicking himself later when he came back to find his house cleaned.

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