Take A Good Look Around

Take A Good Look Around

by Melvin Chalkier


I do not have a burglary to write about and I do not want to have one. I have enjoyed reading the stories here and think I’ve learned a thing or two, so I thought I’d pass on information about looking over your home as a burglar would.

Without wanting to sound boastful or complacent, I was pretty pleased with what I found. I looked for the easy way to get in if I did not have a key.

The side of the house was my starting point as it would be impossible to see someone there if they were going to burglarize. There is only the one window at the side and that has bars on the inside, fitted long before the house was mine. If the burglar got the window open, or smashed it, he would not be able to squeeze through. He may be able to cut the bars, not sure how long that would take but he would not likely be seen, he may be heard though. I could brick up that window; it’s something I’m contemplating because I’ll not lose much by doing so. The window isn’t in a room as such; it’s a kind of alcove.

Next I looked at the back. All the windows here lock and lock securely. I’m pretty sure that anyone smashing those windows would be heard and seen, could be unlucky and someone could do it when no one is around, my neighbors are all home birds like me though. Bars would be ugly. There is only the one door out to the back, good and solid with a deadbolting lock (yes I keep it locked, always.)

The front of the house has four windows, again they all lock and I keep them locked, I do not ever go out and leave a window open.

Now to the porch, my home has a porch with a door. The main door to the house has a solid door, good deadlock, no worries there, except. Now I don’t know why this never worried me before. The door to the porch had only a flimsy latch lock; I never bothered locking it anyway as I figured the lock on the main door would keep anyone out.

The porch door is mainly glass so someone lurking in there could maybe be seen, but would they? Would someone walking or driving passed notice what was going on in there if a burglar was working on the main door? I’m not taking the chance anymore; I’ve changed the lock to a deadlock like the main door. I lock it when I leave, its a little inconvenient having to unlock the two when I return but my mind is at rest.

It’s amazing what you find when you take that look around your home.

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Feb 13, 2012

Key Pad.

by: Anonymous

Locking that porch door is the best thing you can do. It is not really and inconvenience but if you think it is fit a key pad lock where you don’t use a key.

If you keep that porch door unlocked they will get in and use it as cover. Don’t let them do that.

Jan 10, 2012

With the eyes of a burglar.

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Melvin,

When you say it is amazing what you can find when you look at your home with the eyes of a burglar you are so right.

You found one security weakness and have put that right, good for you. That is one thing less you have to worry about.

Locking and unlocking that extra door will not seem like an inconvenience once it becomes second nature to you. Keeping a burglar out is never inconvenient, just think of the inconvenience they cause when they get in :0)

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us Melvin.

Martin (editor)

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