Still No Alarm.

Still No Alarm.

by Christopher


Still No Alarm.

My dad caught a burglar when I was up in my room asleep, I did not know a thing about it.

Actually he did not actually catch him like wrestle him to the ground but saw him trying to break open our neighbors window. I can’t believe he did this but he went out the back and shouted, the guy jumped down from the window and ran. Dad called 911. The cops caught him a few blocks away, he had the carpenters screwdriver he was using to force the window on him.

It’s amazing that dad had actually gotten up from the TV. He says he wanted a glass of water, but I’m betting that it was a can of beer from the refrigerator 🙂 He heard a muffled sound that’s what made him look out.

Dad and our neighbor both said they were getting alarms installed, this was right after it happened but it is now like two years on. Where are those alarms??? I would feel safer if we had one, maybe one day, eh dad.

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Jan 30, 2010

my dad would run

by: Warrior

Your dad got up and did something that is to his credit. My excuse for a father would pretend he did not hear i’m sure. But wait, for him to do anything he would have to be around the place, he hardly is.

He likes to shout and talk big but in front of a burglar he would hide.

Dec 11, 2009

“When I get ’round to it”

by: Martin (editor)

Hi Christopher,

Thank you very much for sharing your burglary story with us.

You know, it’s not easy being a dad, really it isn’t. Dads have so much to think about (moms do too of course.)

But if your dad feels that your home security could be improved by the addition of a burglar alarm, he should do more than just think about it.

The thing is, when the attempted burglary on your neighbor’s home was fresh in your dad’s mind, the alarm seemed urgent. Now that time has passed it may have become one of those “When I get ’round to it” things. Dad’s have lots of those :0)

He needs you to remind him of how you all felt at the time and that you would feel safer with an alarm installed.

Stay safe.

Martin (editor)

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